Nina Nesbitt Releases New Single ‘No Time (For My Life to Suck)’

Scottish singer, songwriter and producer Nina Nesbitt returns with the new single, ‘No Time (For My Life To Suck),’ offering listeners yet another delectable taste of her eagerly anticipated new album Älskar,due on September 2 via Cooking Vinyl. ‘No Time (For My Life To Suck)’ is all about kissing away the negativity and bringing positive vibes only; a rejection of the time-wasters, vibe vultures and karma killers that so often bring the … Continue reading Nina Nesbitt Releases New Single ‘No Time (For My Life to Suck)’

R&B Artist @Ledisi Releases “High” Lyric Video

R&B vocalist Ledisi has released a lyric video for her growing hit single “HIGH,” which premiered via Inspired by her visit to the Andy Warhol Museum, Ledisi shows much vulnerability in a very stripped down video.  Ledisi states, “I was inspired by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA and I participated in a screen test display. You had to sit there for 5 minutes and just BE.” Check it … Continue reading R&B Artist @Ledisi Releases “High” Lyric Video

Nelly Furtado Returns With ‘Big Hoops’

The Canadian singer has been M.I.A for several years now and I’m sure many like myself are beyond elated to have her back. She was definitely missed to a point of almost forgotten, but thankfully ‘Big Hoops‘ is released before Nelly is completely erased from our memories. This is the first single from Furtado’s upcoming Summer album, “The Spirit Indestructible.” Check out the eccentric track and tell us what you think. It’s good that the singer has kept her cray cray style. Continue reading “Nelly Furtado Returns With ‘Big Hoops’”