TNT turned the light off on “HawthoRNe”

Jada Pinkett Smith‘s television drama “HawthoRNe” has been cancelled. Sad but true. The series lasted three seasons on TNT, and while its said to be a bit interesting, I’m surprised it lasted that long when even I was oblivious to its existence. Apparently the show was on eggshells but rumor has it that certain cast members’ alleged affair just fueled the final decision made by … Continue reading TNT turned the light off on “HawthoRNe”

For Thought: What a shocker!


When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced they’re heading to Splitsville, fans were left dumbfounded. I for one am a little puzzled as only a few weeks ago both performed a sexy number on American Idol and were seen in pictures looking all lovey dovey. So it’s kind of hard to take in that they’re getting a divorce after seven years of marriage when the couple used to say they’ve founded their soulmate. Like many, I’m hoping they can work out their issues as they used to be so in love an all, and not only for the good times they’ve shared together but also for their young twins. Continue reading “For Thought: What a shocker!”