[Exclusive] Hunny B takes us to the “Streets of NamTown”

Many might know Melissa Veszi from movies like I.T. with Pierce Brosnan, Parallel, and several television appearances. These days, Melissa is catching the attention of music listeners under the stage name Hunny B. Songs like The Unknown have stirred emotions with its relatable lyrics and painful music video, while her most recent release, “Streets of NamTown“, will get you up on your feet dancing. It’s such … Continue reading [Exclusive] Hunny B takes us to the “Streets of NamTown”

’10 Quickies’ with Hunny B

Thanks to Melissa ‘Hunny B’ Veszi for taking the time to answer our traditional 10 quick questions, along with an exclusive interview. So be sure to check out both and download or stream her latest single, “Streets of NamTown.” Spotify | iTunes | Amazon   I have always had the quote “Dreaming is Believing.” If you can dream it, then you believe it. Another big one for … Continue reading ’10 Quickies’ with Hunny B