Finest Skeleton Watches for Your Man

Most watchmakers are opting for an austere approach by revealing watches’ interior as much as possible. This trend has gained popularity among watch fanatics who swear by the technical artistry of skeleton watches. Men in particular, love it because it gives them a detailed idea of the inner workings of a watch. Skeleton watches have been growing in popularity since they give wearers the opportunity … Continue reading Finest Skeleton Watches for Your Man

FW Special: London wraps it up!

A week of presentations by established and emerging designers comes to an end in London. However, fashion week had to go out with a bang the way it started, and what better way to do so than to show appreciation for the men. The final day was all about menswear, letting the guys know there are plenty of new designs coming their way this fall/winter 2011. Here are my top picks:

Topman Design Runway show

Topman Design and MAN have teamed up to showcase their latest on menswear day.

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