Ease your mind with Michael Turner

Michael Turner and Tracy Wittman are No Boundries

I know you like to take it slow, while everyone else is on the go but you’re just not the rushing kind, if it eases your mind. 

Sometime last week, while going through our youtube mail, I came across a subscription request that had me at delete because of the name, olddogg2. Before  my cursor and the x become one with each other, the dogg part of the name piqued my interest and I decided to see who this weirdo was.


It turned out to be the page of Michael Turner a singer/songwriter. I instantly fell in love with his It will ease your mind song and the rest as they say is history. Sit back and acquaint yourself with music that will transport you to an era past.

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10 Turner quickies

Michael and Baby girl......... in My Photos by

With at least 1000 songs written under his belt, Michael Turner is quite the humble man. Instead of climbing the Himalayas and declaring his prowess in song writing, he chooses not to toot his horn but rather let his craft talk for itself.

Remember guys the coins make a good sound when dropped but paper bills wont? This is a man who knows his worth all too well! Quickie on, you might learn a thing or two.

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