Stream Music: Asia

hello! My name Karine Dukuze, currently an exchange student who often wanders through the Dutch Appstore to stumble towards some amazing, and free streaming alternatives from software developers in the Middle, and Far East as a way to discover the unknown. For Western Asia, my very first pick is the pink Yala Music, a streaming service from Lebanon with my undefined cultural proximity to its … Continue reading Stream Music: Asia

Live Before You Die!

Travel a little, or a lot. Just get up and go. I suggest you start living today because you never know what tomorrow brings. With that said, let’s get into my next planned place to visit, Lebanon.

I’ve been listening to Lebanese music over the weekend to re-energize my spirit so to speak, and let me just say that I’ve fallen in love with their hypnotic beats.  This sudden fascination has led me into researching about the country and thus, putting it on spotlight here. Continue reading “Live Before You Die!”

Destination: Bahrain

The idea of traveling is finding an escape from your overwhelming reality. It also opens up a new world of opportunity in learning about different cultures other than your own, and possibly making new acquaintances. I make it a mission in life to see beyond my enclosed community and country, and develop a new sense of understanding. I guess where I’m going with this is that travelling is a wonderful experience that I recommend and if you approach it with an open mind you’ll feel enlightened. One of the places on my list of countries to visit is Bahrain. I’m fascinated by its culture and heritage, and of course the many attractions the country has to offer its visitors. Check out of Bahrain’s lovely offerings below and tell us what you think about this exotic country: Continue reading “Destination: Bahrain”

Janna Sur Mer

Janna Sur Mer is a beautiful and exotic beach resort in Lebanon.Located in the village of Damour a few kilometers south of the capital city of Beirut, Janna Sur Mer is build along the seashore in a string of tropical gardens, wide promenades, Large swimming pools and high quality restaurants for customers to enjoy and relax in. The resort comprises three swimming pools, an artificial lake, three restaurants and twelve beautiful Polynesian bungalows surrounded by tropical gardens and sandy beach.  Continue reading “Janna Sur Mer”


We are looking for promotional reps from the following places:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • The Carribean
  • The Americas
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Europe

EMBRACE YOU is growing fast!! This is our 2nd month in business, and we have over 2,000 views. That is an indication of content interest from our viewers on a global level.  We want to make EMBRACE YOU a global brand of high repute; therefore we need DEDICATED promo reps to assist us in this!


Music Is Universal

It’s amazing how music can break down walls and cross borders with the message it conveys, arousing different emotions inside each of us. Its this mere fact that allows musicians to develop a fan base and perform in different countries.

I’ve often asked myself, why is music so powerful? why am I able to be moved even by words I don’t understand? It all comes down to the fact that music is truly universal. Continue reading “Music Is Universal”