ShopMissA – Everything $1

This is a great online store for women who not only love to splurge on fashionable items, but like to shop for things that are affordable. Miss A is like heaven for a lot of us. Everything is $1. Yes. I kid you not. Not a dollar and over, but $1. You can’t ignore such a deal. Plus domestic shipping is only $3.95 flat rate. There are also … Continue reading ShopMissA – Everything $1

[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch”

Title: “Touch” 4th Mini Album

Artist: Miss A

Release date: 2.20.2012

I’m still waiting to warm up to Miss A‘s lead track for their 4th EP. However, I would never refuse the other songs included based solely on whether or not I gravitate towards the first. And while “Touch” may not be high up on my chart as yet, I’d still like to give this group and their music a chance. Also, I must applaud the ladies on ever improving their craft, such as delivering strong vocals and tasteful dancing. Continue reading “[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch””

Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

I’ve been sort of a fan of Miss A since their debut and that’s mainly for their choreography. One in particular, “Breathe.” The kpop group recently unveiled their latest music video for the song “Touch,” which started out with some kind of Indonesian art form (or is it Egyptian? possibly cos their dancing look so mummified) and I liked that part until the song came … Continue reading Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

[Review] Miss A’s “A Class”

JYP sure knows how to put a hit making group together, and he did just that with Miss A. Kpop’s finest has been doing quite well since their debut in July 2010, becoming more successful beyond expectations. The multitalented unit’s first full length album, “A Class”, has topped Korean music charts and reached the hearts of many worldwide; Power vocals, soulful harmonies, ballads, pop numbers and club jams is expected to be on the album. I haven’t been following Miss A since their debut, however they’ve peeked my interest with their “Step Up” EP. Continue reading “[Review] Miss A’s “A Class””