[Exclusive] Samantha J is Re-inventing Dancehall Pop

Who is Samantha J? Well, not only is the teen entertainer a Jamaican born, shaking up international waters, she’s in my opinion re-inventing dancehall pop and bringing a fresh sound to the music scene. Samantha is one among the many talented youths of her nation giving us change, a non-traditional and fun-loving approach to a genre once described as raunchy and hardcore. In my opinion, … Continue reading [Exclusive] Samantha J is Re-inventing Dancehall Pop

The alluring Yasmin Warsame

B1193Somali-Canadian model Yasmin Warsame has the look. It’s that piercing look that demands attention and places her in the high ranks alongside Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum. What can I say? It takes more than an attitude and a striking pose to become a top model, and Warsame embodies the skill and humility that goes far beyond the requirements of the fashion industry. It’s unacceptable for me to not of been aware of this raging beauty all these years, but I’ll make it up by doing a special feature on her career and life off the runway.

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Natasha: “Fashionista on the rise”

snowblackblog - Tom Andrew photo

Model, blogger, photographer, and traveler, you name it, Natasha Ndlovu is that and more. This uncommonly beautiful young lady caught my attention recently while I was browsing the net and I couldn’t help but notice her awesome style. Aside from being a fashionista, Natasha is quite the versatile and diverse one. This London-based all-rounder studied Visual Arts in Canada, attended school in Paris for a year, then finally settling in London. She demonstrates classy, chic, trendy, and edgy outfits like no other. Ndlovu carries so much swag that is far beyond suffocating. I expect to see big things happening in the near future, which includes a blossoming fashion career and more public awareness as long as she keeps doing what she’s currently doing, utilizing the power of blogging about fashion. Check out a few samples of her coolness below. There’s intensity and attitude in her style and poses: Continue reading “Natasha: “Fashionista on the rise””

Arlenis Sosa does Nordstrom


The name Arlenis Sosa shouldn’t be new to anyone, as the talented model already landed a spokesperson deal with Lancome, and has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Yes, it is quite certain that this beautiful Dominican-born young lady is on the verge to success. One of her newest gids is appearing in the March 2011 catalog for Nordstrom, check out the pics below: Continue reading “Arlenis Sosa does Nordstrom”

Spotlight – Devon Aoki

Meet Devon Aoki, an American model and actress. Devon is known most notably for her appearances in “2 Fast 2 Furious“, and “Sin City“.

Aoki was born on August 10, 1982 in New York City. Her father is of Japanese decent, and her mother is of German and English heritage. Devon grew up between California and London. Her modelling career started when she was 13, after being discovered in New York at a concert. Devon was introduced to Kate Moss by her Godmother, who began mentoring Devon.


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AG: The Dimpled Rapper 10 Quickies

Handsome…check, Dimpled…triple check that!!, Confidence…check, did I say handsome?…oh well, check that again!! Welcome to the world of AG.  A St. Louis, MO rapper who has been rhyming since his debut on earth.

He has a new project coming out in January called ‘Track Meet‘.  What’s more, he models for www.DrJays.com, after winning  the ‘Fresh Face of Spring 2010’ competition earlier this year in February.

Please embrace this young man into your lives!  Check him out on his official website:  http://www.itsmeag.com/. Scoop the quickies for more on him.

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