Baby chicks?

You know when an entertainment label is all out of ideas when their pop group’s concept is basically to dress up as baby chickens for a new single. And that’s exactly what Morning Musume is doing in promotion of their upcoming release “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra.” I was almost blinded by the bright yellow and fans can protest on how cute and adorable the girls look but I will not go gaga over these dresses anytime soon. Continue reading “Baby chicks?”

What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?

By Kai

Okay well not exactly 100, I kind of exaggerated there a bit. But I think having a ton of members in one music group means each individual has to work like crazy to bring in the dough and to keep your position. So, what is my definition of too much? Well, if there’s more than 5 members then I consider that a packed group. And we all know where to find some of these gigantuous groups, don’t we? Of course, they exist only in Asia. Let’s check out some of the more popular ones: Continue reading “What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?”