Movie Review: “300 Rise of an Empire”

Bring on the gore!Β  I finally got the chance to see 300: Rise of an Empire and I must admit, even though it doesn’t give me the same rush as the first one, the sequel is just as thrilling and I enjoyed it. With most of the battle taking place on the sea, the story gives us an outlook on how the despicable Persian king … Continue reading Movie Review: “300 Rise of an Empire”

Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

I’m a big fan of Vin Diesel, Β but even I can admit that his latest movie wasn’t very impressive. Β Sure, the action sequences were good enough to keep me interested but once it got into talking I fell into a blah moment and hoped they would speed it along. Of course, Β it’s an action film so I wasn’t really expecting mind blowing performances, but I … Continue reading Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

I know, my lame headlines are probably getting old but I still can’t help it. So, on to my topic at hand. “Rock of Ages.” What the hell was that? I’ve never been so disappointed about spending my time watching a movie before. I held out to about a good 50 minutes in the film then caved in. I just couldn’t watch any further. Worst … Continue reading A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”