Feature: [Pieces to the Puzzle: Mel Rivers]

Twitter [@ImMelRivers] Facebook [ImMelRivers] Download Pieces To The Puzzle Mixtape Mel Rivers is a young up and coming artist based out of NYC that I happened to bump into randomly in Manhanttan. His first question to me was, “Do you like hip-hop”. Without even thinking, I instantly said, “No”. Basically, shut down whatever it was his was trying to pitch. On second thoughts, I decided … Continue reading Feature: [Pieces to the Puzzle: Mel Rivers]

Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’

I don’t think I’ve come across an artist these days as determined and hard-working as Dawn Richard. This lady has my utmost respect for her never-ending hustle. I’ve been following Dawn since her days on MTB while trying to earn a spot in Diddy’s then girl group. And I’ve watched the entertainer realize her dream by rising above all odds. Indeed, Dawn embodies that of her album title, a golden heart.  Continue reading “Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’”