Are you buying the “Cleansing Cream?”

Many are confused as all hell with the dramatic concept of Brown Eyed Girls‘ latest music video “Cleansing Cream,” the follow-up track to “Sixth Sense” and lead song for the repackaged album. In my opinion, the video depicts a couple living with a not so normal young girl. Possibly it could be the little sister of the woman and she’s simply caring for her. However, … Continue reading Are you buying the “Cleansing Cream?”

Spotted! Did Narsha copy Bey’s style?

In Brown Eyed Girls‘ latest music video “Sixth Sense“, vocalist Narsha is seen wearing an outfit and hair style awfully similar to what Beyonce donned for her “4” album cover. The strikingly uglyyy fur thingy was designed by Frenchman Alexandre Vauthier, the name doesn’t ring a bell because he’s an up-and-comer rather than a veteran in the industry.  What’s also ironic is how Continue reading “Spotted! Did Narsha copy Bey’s style?”

[Review] Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”

Subtle and tamed should never be words used to describe Brown Eyed Girls’ music. These ladies have far more boldness than any other group in kpop. That’s right! Whenever they make a comeback it’s always surpassed our wildest expectations, but then again you never know what to expect with them. Ever the experimental group, B.E.G. knows exactly how to cook up a super hit single or album, and trust, there’s no denying that. If you dare to disagree, then allow me to remind you of their epidemic called “Abracadabra.” Having been away from the music scene for quite some time, it’s like a breath of fresh air to take in now that they’re back and ridding the atmosphere of all that intoxicating mess that almost made my ears bleed. B.E.G’s 4th album, “Sixth Sense”, has displayed elements of jazz, r&b, pop, club, soul, and all that glitters. It has all the necessary factors for establishing a creative piece, but did it carry the same swag and effort like their previous? Let’s find out. Continue reading “[Review] Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense””

B.E.G. releases “Sixth Sense” MV: hot or flop?

The Brown Eyed Girls is one of the most experimental groups in Kpop. Their music is always different and nothing similar to what we’re used to hearing from mainstream kpop, so its always a pleasure to have them back. The ladies have released their long awaited album and single “Sixth Sense“, and the music video has people talking already. It’s definitely sexy, empowering, and all … Continue reading B.E.G. releases “Sixth Sense” MV: hot or flop?