The Most Enchanting European Parks Of Nature

The natural diversity of Europe is hard to find anywhere else in the world, The landscapes range from mighty mountains to sparkling beaches, and enclosed between the two are dense forests and verdant meadows. Needless to say, this variety of geographical attributes is able to support thousands of different species of flora and fauna, which are displayed by the glorious national parks of the region. … Continue reading The Most Enchanting European Parks Of Nature

Flowers Speak For Themselves

I’ve always loved flowers, wild ones in particular. There’s something about these colorful, vibrant and lovely creations that just bathes me in a feeling of tranquility. Join me in appreciating the beauty of the smaller things in our world that is, believe it or not, often times forgotten or not considered on enough. 

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What is Aflockalypse?

Apparently biologists are still trying to figure out the cause of the massive bird deaths on New Year’s eve, along with the unusual deaths of other wildlife species, but are ruling out any biblical or environmental issues (so then what is the real cause people). The term being applied to this strange event now is an “Aflockalypse”.

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