Music Review: ‘Avalanche’ by Quadron

AvalancheRelease date: May 31, 2013

Label: Epic Records/Vested in Culture

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

First of all, I am so thrilled to have discovered this album on Amazon. Quadron is honestly new to me and I had no expectations, no idea whatsoever about the kind of music they make, but let me tell you I’ve gone bat shit crazy listening to this album. Avalanche sounds like a blast out of the 70s. It embodies the feel good type of music even your grandparents can enjoy. I mean songs that actually make you sit and listen to the words, or get up and dance but still listen to the words and soak it all in. It’s just great. And the only issue I have is with myself, for only now finding the Danish duo.Β  Continue reading “Music Review: ‘Avalanche’ by Quadron”

U-KISS wants to stay in “Neverland”

Kpop boy group U-KISS has returned with the music video for their latest song “Neverland.” As usual, the boys went for a dramatic, theatrical concept and stayed true to their eyeliners.Β This is the title track for the group’s 2nd album, which is available now on yesasia. Check out the video below and tell us what you think about these guys and their music. Continue reading “U-KISS wants to stay in “Neverland””