[Music Review] Monica’s “New Life”

Monica‘s previous album ‘Still Standing‘ left me with such a rush that I had big expectations for the next. I’ve always been a fan of this talented lady and my loyalty only strengthened upon hearing that the singer will never abandon her r&b roots in the name of conformity.

New Life‘ is Monica’s seventh studio album and boy have I heard plenty of mixed reviews about this one. Well, I’m not one to base my opinion on what others say so I believe a fair track-by-track review is necessary to put the critics to rest, or maybe learn if they have a point on this one. Join me as I evaluate Monica’s ‘New Life’ and see what this journey unravels: Continue reading “[Music Review] Monica’s “New Life””

Monica gets deep in “Until It’s Gone”

Leave it to Monica to give us some thought provoking and never changing r&b music. In her music video for “Until It’s Gone,” the singer invited actors Brian White and Malinda Williams to portray a couple on the edge because of Brian’s infidelity. The Missy Elliott and Jazmine Sullivan penned single had me emotional but also encouraged me to be more appreciative of every single thing I have now before it’s too late. What I’ve always loved about Monica is how real she keeps it real; this woman sells music and not sex. Her songs have substantial meaning and I’m sure some other singers can take a page out of her book. Anyways, “Until It’s Gone” is the second single from Monica’s upcoming seventh studio album “New Life.” Check out the video below and tell us what you think: Continue reading “Monica gets deep in “Until It’s Gone””

Monica will do “Anything (to find you)”

R&B singing sensation Monica has unleashed the music video for her old school hip hop/r&b influenced single “Anything (to find you)”, featuring the silk wearing rapper Rick Ross. The song was written and produced by long time friend and internationally known rap artist Missy Elliott, and is about a woman willing to go the extremes to find true love. And let me mention that the singer is looking fly as ever in the video. “Anything” will be included on Monica’s upcoming 7th studio album “New Life,” which will be in stores November 8th. This song is definitely a breath of fresh air from the suffocating air poisoned by this europop bull. Anyways, check out the video below and tell us what you think about the song. Continue reading “Monica will do “Anything (to find you)””