Lily Elise is “Taken”

Alternative R&B singer Lily Elise has released the official music video for her single “Taken”, the spellbinding single from her EP of the same name.  “Taken” officially premiered on Billboard in March, solidifying Elise’s place as a formidable talent in the arguably muddled world of pop music.  The video gives us an up-close and intimate look at the striking young singer in her most vulnerable state. Everything … Continue reading Lily Elise is “Taken”

Pop/Soul Singer GIANNA Releases “BABY, IT’s YOU” Single

With the steady stream of sound-alike female vocalists in pop music, New York native Gianna Salvato is the rare voice, unlike any in the industry today, that cannot be easily defined by any genre. Her engaging lyrics will captivate her fans and place her alongside the biggest pop stars in the public’s affection.  With her debut single “Baby, It’s You” singer/songwriter Gianna is set to … Continue reading Pop/Soul Singer GIANNA Releases “BABY, IT’s YOU” Single

When pigs swim!

While browsing the latest news via Yahoo! I came across something rather disturbing. Though, I doubt disturbing is even the appropriate word for the highlight of the day. Turns out 2,800 pigs were dumped in a Shanghai river as a result of severe measures being taken against contaminated pork. What a way to solve a problem, by creating another. As of now no contamination has … Continue reading When pigs swim!

Blind Man Beats Girlfriend To Death, Mistakenly?

While catching up on some island news a very terrifying case caught my attention. According to the Jamaica Star news site, a blind man had allegedly beaten his girlfriend to death. Shocking indeed. The man gave his statement in court on why he committed such a dreadful act. Apparently he ‘overreacted’ to what felt like a piece of board being pushed against his side, thinking … Continue reading Blind Man Beats Girlfriend To Death, Mistakenly?

Brother Kills Sister, Mother Wounded in Harlem

Girl, 13, Shot Dead in Harlem; Mother Wounded

According to NBC News, a woman received multiple gunshot wounds while her 13 year old daughter was killed at a housing project in Harlem, New York on Tuesday morning. The mother, who’s in critical condition at the Harlem Hospital, told police officers that the suspect is none other than her 28 year old son. WTH! The man was shot by police during a confrontation outside the building and was taken to the hospital for his injuries.  Continue reading “Brother Kills Sister, Mother Wounded in Harlem”

Inmate Beaten For Passing Gas?

Let fart be free! Well, so they say, until you’re in jail. According to the Jamaica Star, my occasional news source, a man was allegedly beaten for passing gas in lock up by three other inmates. So, I guess people can’t even fart in peace anymore either, no? Anyways, the men are being charged with assault occasioning bodily arm, on top of whatever it is they were already in jail for to begin with.

In defense to this accusation, one of the men stated that he was cooking porridge (people cook in jail now?) when the assaulted farted in the cell. Surely that would piss anybody off. Continue reading “Inmate Beaten For Passing Gas?”

For Thought: Mother pours boiling water on son

I came across this chilling news today about a pyshotic mother with anger issues who intentionally poured boiling hot water on her 13 year old son out of rage. According to the Jamaica Star, the 32 year old self-employed mother was at home on January 3rd with her son when a heated argument developed over his behavior. The mother is described to have gotten severely angry; as a result she went into the kitchen, took a pot of boiling water from the stove, and threw it at him. The boy suffered second degree burns to the right side of his body. Continue reading “For Thought: Mother pours boiling water on son”