Say what now?

I strongly believe that if there’s a lot of tension between neighbors then you might want to stay clear from disturbing the waters. With that said, allow me to get into a news that just caught my attention on Yahoo, because we all know that’s where you go for the real and unsugarcoated. Anyhoo, Β according to the ever updated news outlet, it seems a group … Continue reading Say what now?

Kim Jong Il is no more

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il,Β whose activities kept world security on its toes, has passed away. The feared dictator reportedly struggled with diabetes and heart disease for years, and is believed to have suffered a stroke. He was 69 years old. After news of his passing swirled around, South Korean President, Lee Myeong-Bak, called for a National Security Council Meeting and has placed the military on High Alert. Just in case anything should pop off I guess. Continue reading “Kim Jong Il is no more”