5 Amazing Adventure Holiday Ideas for 2016

Have you been doing everything “boring and safe” until now? Are you tired of it? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be… No one can find the thrill and rush in today’s everyday world: it’s slow, rather stale and the only challenge comes from your job, and that comes with stress, weight gain, and hair loss. What you need to do is step up your … Continue reading 5 Amazing Adventure Holiday Ideas for 2016

“I love him but he’s married”

When is it ever okay for a woman to date a married man, or date one who’s married but separated? I remember back in the day it was so classless for a woman to do such a thing, that she would make sure it was kept in the closet. These days, the mistresses are out in the open and up in the wife’s face with it. Some well known celebrities are guilty of dating married men out in the public, and are accused of breaking up homes. For example, Alicia Keys, Kat Von D (and all the other females who dated Jesse James), Fantasia, and who can forget Continue reading ““I love him but he’s married””