Is This LOONA’s Best Title Track?

I must admit, I never delved deeply into the Loonaverse. I always watched their comeback videos and push off listening to their EPs for a later time. But it wasn’t until they released PTT (Paint the Town) that they really grabbed my attention, and I checked out their other songs aside from the title tracks. Honestly, Paint the Town is my favorite comeback and the … Continue reading Is This LOONA’s Best Title Track?

Olivia Encourages Women To “Walk Away”

R&B singer Olivia, former G-Unit 1st lady, has released the music video for her latest song “Walk Away.” The video depicts a situation that many of us turn a blind eye to or try to convince ourselves that its okay. Domestic violence is where I’m getting at and I like how it’s portrayed as a intense form of dance in the video, plus Olivia’s voice … Continue reading Olivia Encourages Women To “Walk Away”

Olivia’s back with “December”

R&B/Hip Hop singer Olivia has unveiled her latest music video for the new single “December“. The song, which will be included in Olivia’s upcoming album “Show The World“, is a beautiful ballad about a woman being heartbroken after waiting for a man to return her love. It’s so relatable and Olivia exhumes passion throughout the entire song. Definitely a softer side to the artist. You can truly feel her emotions in the lyrics. Don’t let me spoil it for you. Please watch the music video below and purchase “December” now on iTunes. Continue reading “Olivia’s back with “December””