ONM: One Dance-Nikisha Reyes-Pile

If you have been following EY you did notitce, we did not post an ONM feature on Monday. Blame that on laziness. I am excited to introduce you to Nikisha Reyes-Pile,  a 23 year old singer-songwriter from the Carribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, currently based in the U.K. 

Her One Dance is a soca number that is very festive in nature. The vibe is reminiscent of the annual carnival held in Trinidad.  The lyrics are very relatable, make sure you have enough room to whine, when listening to this song. Fiiya!  Riri you better step your vocal game up, your Carribean sister ain’t playing.

By the way, make it a point to take a listen to her, Bob Marley’s “Redemption” cover. Ooowi. I like, I like, scratchthat, I loveHonestly, I felt as if I was on safari in the Maasai Mara watching a pride of lions, and using my binoculars to see cheetahs in the far off distance. The arrangement is SICK Here is the link:

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