Remembering Aaliyah

What is it about Aaliyah that made millions fall inlove with her? Is it her exuberating warmth whenever she came in contact with someone, or was it the fact that she loved selflessly, giving back to the community in however way she could. Whatever it is, there’s obviously something very special about this woman that enables many to remember her even 10 years after her death. Aaliyah has been in our hearts since her debut. Her sultry, smooth voice had us hooked. And her tomboy swag and chic outfits appealed to fans around the globe. Liyah’s music remains to inspire and keep us dancing in reminiscent of who she was as a person and artist, but at times gets us all emotional knowing she’s no longer with us encouraging and doing what she loves best. It was a life cut short but we rest assure in the fact that Aaliyah was here and she did achieve more than what a young woman her age was expected to. At this moment, I’d like to pay tribute to the r&b superstar who simply went only by one name; a friendly, funny, and kind woman we all liked to call Babygirl, but to the world of music, you might know her as Aaliyah. Continue reading “Remembering Aaliyah”

VOD Up: Aaliyah


Today marks the 10 year anniversary since the death of Aaliyah, and EY would like to dedicate this day to nothing but the star and the gift she gave the world, her music. Be sure to purchase “Try Again” on iTunes to get Babygirl to no. 1. And check out my favorite Aaliyah music videos below. Tell us which is your favorite even if it wasn’t listed: Continue reading “VOD Up: Aaliyah”