Random#2: Expensive Winter Jackets + People Watching

Do you people watch? Yes?! No?! If you don’t, you sure are missing out on a lot of free entertainment. Forget tuning into your favorite show on T.V. go to the mall, take the bus (highly recommended for what should be obvious reasons by now), the train (especially in the NYC)!

Took a hike to the mall in search of a reasonably priced winter jackets. First stop, Macy’s! The jackets were maaad expensive! The Northface brand was retailing at a jaw dropping $200+.  Calvin Klein’s were retailing at a slightly ‘better’ rate of $120+.  I happen to be brand blind, but couldn’t help sampling out these two ASTRONOMICALLY priced jackets made in China? (Calvin and Northface reps do not contact me.

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