Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular among Australians in recent decades. As procedures have become safer, more affordable and able to yield more natural-looking results, more people have chosen to go under the knife. Rather than seeking cosmetic surgery to correct the disfiguring results of an accident, Australians are more frequently seeking to improve their appearance and erase the signs of aging. Recent trends suggest … Continue reading Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

54 Rebirth

HULLLOOOOO!!!! Our sister site, 54interviews has undergone a makeover. She got her nails did, her hair done, a nose job, a boobie one too. She fooooooine!  Check her out, subscribe,  join her facebook page, twitter stalk her…She needs your love! She is very lonely. Ain’t nobody showing her looooove. 😦  She’s all about the positive vibrations of the motherland.  Continue reading 54 Rebirth

The Plastic Surgery Club

One cannot deny that plastic surgery does change lives. It’s not all negative; some people choose cosmetic surgery to correct unsightly scars, which is highly understandable. What I don’t get is why the already beautiful choose to go under the knife to get themselves altered, simply because they want to achieve perfection. Is it Continue reading “The Plastic Surgery Club”