[Review] Jill Scott’s “The Light of the Sun”

The Light Of The SunJill Scott is a rare artist within the entertainment industry. She’s a Grammy winning singer, songwriter, actress, and poet. Jill has been performing alongside music greats before branching out on her own and has since established herself as a legend in her own rite. Her fourth studio album, “The Light of the Sun”, is a representation of Jill being completely in charge of her career and life, as well as a depiction of the problems she has faced and overcome.  In my true opinion, this new album is somewhat of a departure from the old self and finding a new. And with a thorough evaluation of each track I hope to clearly explain the story being told.  Continue reading “[Review] Jill Scott’s “The Light of the Sun””

Joshua Bennett-The Spoken Word Artist

He is a young man in his twenties pursuing his love of the English language in a more crisp and sophisticated manner, than your average user. Meet Joshua Bennett a spoken word artist straight out of New York, with a zeal for painting pictures with words. Click on for more on him.

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