HEART2HEART: A failed attempt at reviving 90’s pop

A few seconds ago I came across a so-called new pop boy group called HEART2HEART, and believe me the name isn’t the worst part of it. Their debut single is called “Facebook Official” and they currently have a mini album available on iTunes (I guess anybody can do that these days). What cracks me up the most is how over-the-top their make-up is, along with their obvious concept of trying to copy kpop, which looks like a complete insult to that culture. Are you kidding me? Is this the industry’s attempt at recreating 90’s pop phenom in today’s society by unleashing these alienistic, pervacious looking dudes? Their voices aren’t exactly the wow factor, in fact it’s pure mediocrity. Please, their song is as distasteful as their choreography. Check it out below and tell us what you think: Continue reading “HEART2HEART: A failed attempt at reviving 90’s pop”

[Exclusive Video] Interview with Alyssa Simmons


The name Alyssa Simmons should certainly be embedded into the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere, that’s if you’re interested in hearing good music from a truly talented performer. The down-to-earth singer/songwriter spared some time to film a video response to our questions and she definitely provided us with some interesting answers. Check it out below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as Alyssa’s.  Continue reading “[Exclusive Video] Interview with Alyssa Simmons”

Heatseekers: Then & Now

This is the first of many to come, featuring popular hits from back then to what the artist is currently making. It’s a special feature that will highlight a significant track in the artist’s career, and I hope our readers will enjoy this series as much as I know that I will.  Readers can also send their requests to moi at embraceme10@yahoo.com with “Artist Request” in the subject line. So to start it off, I’ve selected the sexy r&b star Usher. Find out which two songs I’ve selected from his long list of hits: Continue reading “Heatseekers: Then & Now”