I am imperfectly perfect

With the round pimple perched atop my brow

Like a bird on its nest

Make-up free, with bugs underneath my eyes

Shaped like a half moon on a star-less night

With a strawberry glossed lips to complete

My look

I hold my head high and put my “I am too cool for ya’ll” shades on

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Live For Today

There are things that often times get you down. You spend your days worrying that you forget to just stop and live a little. Well, here are a few tips on how to remain positive:

1. You can’t change the entire world at once. You can instead do your best to make a difference, it always starts with one.

2. Nothing is meant to last so be happy that it happened.

3. Live for the moment, the moment is now.

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A Smile Is The Most Expensive Gift

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  A smile is triple that. The other day while going about town, I met an older gentleman hunched over a street corner looking depressed.  As I approached him, he slowly extended his hand towards me, and asked for a quarter.  My mind screamed, “Urrgh get a job!”, whilst my heart wondered, “Why is he homeless?”.  I … Continue reading A Smile Is The Most Expensive Gift