[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting”

Release date: October 22, 2012

Label: Universal Music (SK)

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My opinion in regards to HyunA has always been mixed. The kpop idol can either be proclaimed as one of the fiercest and most versatile artist of our generation, or if you’re more on the modest side of the fence you’ll probably define her as a sex symbol trying too hard to be a tease. I for one have placed all personal feelings at the back of my mind to focus entirely on what she has to offer on her second EP. Because since her debut with 4Minute, Hyuna has always taken the sexy approach and shows no sign of slowing things down. If you disagree please refer to her latest mini album’s title, confidently named ‘Melting‘. Pay no mind to all the suggestiveness because it is simply there for the shock factor.Β  Continue reading “[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting””

Psy: Kpop’s hope for global domination?

When one hears the term Kpop you either think ‘oh, Korean pop music’ or ‘the name of a candy brand’ (like I did the first time I heard it). These days the musical genre has soared beyond the Asian shores. Many across the world are getting more aware of Korean culture through the addictive sounds of their pop music. From massive groups like Girls Generation … Continue reading Psy: Kpop’s hope for global domination?