Avril Lavigne “Wishes You Were Here”

Punk/Rock singer Avril Lavigne has returned with the music video for my favorite song on her fourth studio album “Goodbye Lullaby.” “Wish You Were Here” shows us a more vulnerable Avril, lost in her emotions and struggling to move on from the hurt she’s in. It takes us away from the fun personality she portrayed in “Smile“, and gives us a different side that is sad and lonely. Basically, she’s human just like us and she goes through stuff too. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.  Continue reading “Avril Lavigne “Wishes You Were Here””

P!nk’s new MV is just “Perfect”!

The incomparable and super talented P!nk never disappoints when it comes to portraying thought-provoking issues in her music and videos, and her latest creation “Perfect“, is added to her list of greats. The music video has developed somewhat of a controversy around it because of its graphic contents: a girl being bullied, depressed, and self-mutilation. Personally I like the song and video. P!nk is a talented artist who always makes music and videos touching on topics no one else will. Watch it for yourselves if you haven’t already and tell us what you think:

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Avril unleashes “What the Hell” MV


Avril Lavigne surely knows how to keep a guy chasing her. In the music video for “What the Hell“, Avril shows off her bod in a sexy black lingerie, and later turns into a little troublemaker running around town, while her (very hot) love interest tries to catch her.

Check out the video for her new single “What the Hell” below:

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Music has a ‘Short Stack’

Short Stack is a Pop Punk band from Australia. Starting out as a Blink 182 cover band, and being influenced by the music of legendary 80’s rock bands, these guys have developed their own musical style into a more mature, but still fresh and unique sound.

For their latest album “This is Bat Country” released on November 12, Short Stack got inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson‘s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; basing their lyrics on similar themes.

This talented band hopes to take their music from Australia to the rest of the world. So get ready for a fresh, fun punk rock sound!

Check out their latest music video for “We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey“, and read the exclusive interview with drummer Bradie below:

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Short Stack’s Bradie 10 Quickies

Australian Pop Punk band Short Stack is already creating a wave in their home country. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Shaun, Andy on backing vocals and bass, and Bradie on drums and keyboard; these guys are paying tribute to the punk scene which they love, and working hard to take their music to a global level.

Be sure to listen to their music and support this talented band!

Check out Bradie’s 10 quickie answers below and learn a little more about him:

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My Chemical Romance “SING” MV

My Chemical Romance has released the music video for their second single “Sing“, from their upcoming “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” album. The music video, which was directed by lead vocalist Gerard Way & P.R. Brown, is somewhat darker and in no where similar to the previous “Na Na Na“, except it seems like a continuation.  Continue reading “My Chemical Romance “SING” MV”

‘Raise a glass’ for Pink’s new song

On November 16, Pink managed to release another amazing album.

Greatest Hits…So Far!!!,” is the singer’s sixth album. It is a combination of her old songs like “Get the Party started,” as well as some new songs. “Raise Your Glass,” is the most talked about song and video on the album. Continue reading “‘Raise a glass’ for Pink’s new song”