“Girls Talkin’ Bout” Mindless Behavior

I know the “Girls Talkin’ Bout” video has been out for a few days now but I really like it and thought I’d post it here. Mindless Behavior has certainly built up a seriously large fanbase for themselves and its no wonder, look how cute these kids are. Anyways, while I’m loving the sick choreography in the video, I’m just not feeling the heavily auto-tuned … Continue reading “Girls Talkin’ Bout” Mindless Behavior

Introducing Mindless Behavior…

Meet Mindless Behavior, a four member pop/r&b group consisting of young men all under the age of 14. Princeton, Ray Ray, Roc Royal and Prodigy have been garnering much excitement from their single “My Girl“, and their debut album “#1 Girl” features production by the industry’s greatest. These youngsters are ready to make their mark in music’s history, by releasing songs that not only makes us dance, but sends a powerful message to youths. Such a talented group should not be slept on. So if you’re not in the loop, allow me to introduce to you Mindless Behavior. Continue reading “Introducing Mindless Behavior…”