Cherine Wows @ SNWMF Press Conference

Reggae songstress Cherine Anderson wows the audience with an acapella version of her latest single ‘Eagles & Doves‘, during the press conference at the 19th annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. Check it out below: Continue reading Cherine Wows @ SNWMF Press Conference

[Exclusive] Anuhea on her career, and doing it all “For Love”

Fierce is an understatement. Powerful is somewhat close. However, when it comes to the multi-talented Anuhea, her style is what I describe as enigmatic. The Maui native has been pushing herself and breaking the mold since she had an epiphany pursuing her studies in something other than music. It’s always delightful to step outside the generic sounds of modern day beats, and this sassy lady has revived my interest in entertainment. Watch her islandish music video for “Higher Than The Cloudsbelow, purchase the new album on iTunes, and read on to learn more about this blooming songstress: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Anuhea on her career, and doing it all “For Love””

’10’ Reasons Why You’ll Love Anuhea

Anuhea is a Hawaiian born singer/songwriter mixing reggae, pop, hip hop and r&b, a touch of soul, and some sultry acoustic melodies that flow magnificently along with her voice. The self-taught guitarist has been inspired by a number of greats since a young age, but now its her time to make a name for herself in the industry and show the world what lies beneath her undeniable beauty. Anuhea is currently on tour promoting her new music, still she spared us a little time in doing an interview as well as our traditional ’10 quickies’. Check out her short but sweet answers below: Continue reading “’10’ Reasons Why You’ll Love Anuhea”

[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’

Interview by Kai

Konshens piqued the interest of many with his 2005 release “Pon Di Corner.” From there on, the artist continued to make a name for himself in the industry; spawning several more hits within and outside his native Jamaica. One can refer to this versatile man as not only a musician, performer, or fashion designer, but also an advocate trying to make a difference in his community.

Let’s face it already, Konshens is destined to be a global star, and it’s only a matter of moments before the world starts calling his name. Don’t agree? Then listen to his songs. I’m sure he’ll have you hooked on one of his catchy tunes in no time. And while we’re all eager for a “Mental Maintenance,” watch the music video for his hot single “Do Sumn,” which was also featured in the popular video game Just Dance, and read the interview below to discover the man on stage & behind the music:

Continue reading “[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’”

’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens

The energetic Dancehall artist is set to release his new album “Mental Maintenance” on February 28, but just before doing so, Konshens spared a little time out of his busy schedule to grant us an exclusive interview, as well as to provide some swift answers to our ’10’ quick questions below. Continue on to learn more, and laugh a bit: Continue reading “’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens”

Cherine takes on several roles in new video

For the intense, thought-provoking music video to the very much similar in sentiments single “How We Living,” Dancehall Soul singer Cherine Anderson takes on the role as director to guide herself in channeling interesting roles that depict the life of many women. Check it out and tell us what you think. “How We Living” is one of my favorite tracks off her mixtape “Ja9.25“ Credit: … Continue reading Cherine takes on several roles in new video

[Exclusive] Lenya Wilks on debut album and staying true to herself

Interview by Kai

Lenya Wilks is no stranger to spotlight. This Jamaican born singer has been creating waves since a young age; performing in several music competitions and tearing up stages across the island. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with so it’s no surprise that even after a minor disappointment that Lenya would receive the opportunity to tour the world along with fellow industry veteran Beres Hammond. Now, the artist is unleashing her own music and moving the souls of her listeners. After a tremendous period of releasing a stream of heatseekers, Lenya is busy in the studio and getting ready to show the world just how talented she is. Yes! 2012 is inevitably going to be the year of Lenya. 

Check out the music video for her sultry single “I Hate Love,” and read the interview below to learn more: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Lenya Wilks on debut album and staying true to herself”

’10’ quick facts about Lenya


By Kai

Lenya Wilks touches the hearts of many whenever she steps on a stage. Her exuberant performance is one that remains unmatched; indeed she’s an artist like no other.  There’s absolutely nothing that can stop this super talented lady.

Lenya has demonstrated true star power by uplifting herself from any disappointment, and continuing on to pursue what she’s obviously destined to be,  an international artist. Lenya’s sharing some quick and personal details about her life and if you continue below, you’ll understand why our ’10 quickies’ are far from generic. So waste no more time and see why this young diva has not only the talent, but the charisma to charm her audience: Continue reading “’10’ quick facts about Lenya”

Music Review: Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk”


Release date: November 21, 2011

Label: Roc Nation/Island Def Jam

Purchase: Amazon

I discontinued my interest in anything that had to do with Rihanna since her dark transformation from a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Let’s just say that I’m not buying the ‘this is really me now’ bit she’s blabbering about. Now and then she does release a song that sounds like an okay track and I can give her that much credit, but her music is still far from ground breaking. However, the pop star never ceases to entertain with her  antics; whether it’s gyrating on girls at a carnival, or grinding on stage in tasteless outfits. With all that foolishness aside, I would like to divert my attention to Ri-Ri’s latest effort, “Talk That Talk.”

Rihanna’s 6th album takes sex to another level. It’s true she’s always performed sexually suggestive songs before, but “Talk That Talk” is the raunchiest of them all. Each track is either coded or bare; it’s a matter of how well enough the listener can interpret the lyrics. There’s plenty of dance numbers, mellow r&b/pop balancers and a few island inspired to fill the mainstream airwaves. Too bad there’s hardly anything of great substance. Allow me to take you through Rihanna’s newest effort and highlight the highs and lows manifested in each track. Continue reading “Music Review: Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk””

[Review] Jimmy Cliff’s “Sacred Fire”

Album Cover

By Kai

Released: November 29, 2011

I pity the soul unaware of Jimmy Cliff and his thought provoking music. This artist is a legend and truly a rare gift to the industry. Cliff has made his long awaited comeback with the “Sacred Fire” EP to satisfy his anticipating fans, and after one listen you’ll come to terms with the fact that this man still has what it takes to make you stop and think. His songs speak the truth; there’s no escaping the conscious aspect of the lyrics. Jimmy gives us roots reggae so effortlessly, and without a doubt I’m left in awe by the solid delivery of “Sacred Fire.” I can’t help but demand a full length album to be released next, but then again Mr. Cliff ceases to disappoint.  Continue reading “[Review] Jimmy Cliff’s “Sacred Fire””

[Review] Paulina Rubio’s “Brava!”

Well here’s something I’ve haven’t dived into before. Paulina Rubio is one of many Latin artists that I’ve never truly sat down, or got on my feet, and listened to their music. As far as my Spanish interest goes, I stayed glued to Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, and Selena. I think it was over ten years ago where I first glimpsed lady Rubio performing at the Grammy Awards that I became aware of the fact that there were other Latin artists deserving of my attention. Sadly, I didn’t follow her up because I thought she reminded me a little of Shakira’s style, and I felt strongly bonded to latter. But today, Paulina has won me over and I now realize there is a great difference between their sound. 

The exotic diva has released her 10th studio album, “Brava!” which is also her second bilingual album since her debut. I haven’t gotten through the entire record as yet simply because I want to save my first impression for this review. However, it’s the lead single and track number one that has me bubbling. Continue reading “[Review] Paulina Rubio’s “Brava!””

[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape

Cherine Anderson had her Dancehall soldiers anticipating a debut album, but for today, they can ease their nerves with the mixtape “JA9.25.” It’s quite the birthday surprise, being that the artist decided to celebrate this day by sharing new music with her fans. “JA9.25” features hard hitting beats and aggressive vocal arrangements. Cherine’s sounding stronger than ever; she’s on fire and the flames continue to ignite track after track. Immediately after getting news about this mixtape I just had to take a listen, after which, a review was certain.  Continue reading “[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape”

[Exclusive] Interview with Ce’Cile: Dancehall’s “Bad Gyal”

Ce’Cile, otherwise known as the ‘Bad Gyal‘ of Dancehall, is a Jamaican recording artist most notable for her raw and untamed musical style, and unique creativity that is very much unlimited. This super talented diva has remained a breath of fresh air on the Dancehall scene, due to the fact that she’s ever evolving and taking her career to higher heights. It’s quite difficult to drop the entertainer into one category, as she continues to switch things up while maintaining ‘Ce’Cile’ on anything she creates. With a stage presence far from rehearsed, and personality you never tire of, Ce’Cile has always captivated her audiences around the world. On her latest work of art, Ce’Cile is giving fans the real side of herself; delivering her usual sex appeal, fused into rock steady Reggae jams and tasteful Dancehall numbers. “Jamaicanization” is her latest album and It’s truly worth a listen. Be sure to show your support and purchase it on iTunes now. And with the release of the album the artist has been quite caught up with promotions, so it’s hard to believe she had time for an interview. Check out her latest music video for a sensual medley of “When You’re Gone” and “Missing You” below, and read on to learn more about Ce’Cile in our exclusive interview:

Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with Ce’Cile: Dancehall’s “Bad Gyal””

[Exclusive] Interview with reggae artist I-Octane


Jamaican born I-Octane is a reggae artist on the verge of global success. Ever the evolving singer, I-Octane can transition from dancehall to reggae without losing the core sense of what makes his music different and entertaining. Since his debut, this man has maintained humility and perseverance that has sustained his focus throughout the years. Now, he holds a name that is in high demand across the border, living up to expectations and bringing forth nothing but high energy and high performance in everything he does.

I-Octane is preparing for the release of his album “Crying to the Nation” in October, but fans can indulge themselves with his current mixtape “Focus”, which is getting tons of positive reviews by Billboard and the New York Times. Check out his music video for “No Love Inna Dem” and read the interview below for lots more on this amazing artist: 

Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with reggae artist I-Octane”

I-Octane’s ’10 Quickies’

More than an artist. I-Octane‘s music  speaks nothing but the truth. His life experiences enable him to create songs that opens the mind, touches the heart, and moves the soul. His talent is simply indescribable. It’s merely out of luck that we’ve gotten the opportunity to interview him because he’s currently busy making a name for himself around the globe. However, I-Octane has answered our ’10 Quickies’ … Continue reading I-Octane’s ’10 Quickies’

Cherine reunites with Chuck Fenda


Queen of Dancehall-soul Cherine Anderson reunites with reggae artist Chuck Fenda for another sultry duet titled “Call On Me“. Both are truly talented singers with a beautiful chemistry that comes out so well in this song. I love their voices and how wonderful the track is arranged, preventing one from overpowering the other. Listen to this lovely new single below and keep checking back with us for the music video, which according to Ms. Anderson, is coming in two weeks. Continue reading “Cherine reunites with Chuck Fenda”

Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality

Karen Mukupa spent most of her youth living back and forth between two continents until finally settling in Denmark. Music has always been her dream, and this she conveyed to her family at a young age. By the 90’s, Karen became one half of the Danish reggae/hip hop duo “No Name Requested”, alongside the late Natasja Saad, who died in 2007 in a traffic accident. Though the duo never released a full album, their singles achieved critical success in the Danish music scene. Mukupa broke away from “No Name Requested” with the release of her first solo album in 2000, followed by the release of her second album in 2002. Continue reading “Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality”