5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

Online dating has become more of a trend nowadays and, in fact, it has become the new normal where people can find and hook up with potential dates quite fast and easily. Traditional way of dating, although some people still practice it, is immersed with a lot of barriers that limit a person from finding his or her potential life partner with much convenience. For … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

The Glamour of Online Dating

Online dating has no doubt been a source of great debate with many people viewing it as an alien, ineffective way to stirr long lasting relationships. Just a few years back, a couple that acknowledged to have dated online prior to meeting physically were looked down upon and even vilified in some quarters. But thanks to rise of mobile dating apps and social networks, online … Continue reading The Glamour of Online Dating

Does the Pill Affect Women’s Satisfaction in Their Relationships

Over the last several decades, great advancements have been made on behalf of women and their contraceptive choices. For women using contraceptives that have a direct impact on their hormonal system, there are a few side effects that new research is now beginning to address. One side effect that hormonal contraception may have on a woman is her relationship between her mate and spouse. Level … Continue reading Does the Pill Affect Women’s Satisfaction in Their Relationships

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

  Although we would like to imagine that people see us the way we really are, the truth is that they see us based on the impression we made when we met them for the first time. So, the impression you make on a first date will have a lasting impact on your relationship. In fact, it will still influence your date’s opinion of you … Continue reading How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

Church bans interracial marriage

Article by Eric Pfeiffer

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that racism still exists in the world. In fact, I find it quite disgusting that people are still so narrow-minded when it comes to different races mixing together. And one might think that when the ignorant demonstrate their disapproval of interracial unions that the church would be a symbol of hope delivering the message of acceptance and looking beyond the color of the skin. However, that’s not the case for one church in Kentucky. Continue reading “Church bans interracial marriage”

“My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.”

First of all, any guy that tells his girlfriend that he’s way hotter than she is below poop. There’s not even a decent word that can describe what a douche he is. And any girl who stays with such a loser could only be miserable. If she’s feeling that way without him even saying something so atrocious it doesn’t mean she’s not attractive, it’s just that she’s insecure. There’s nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who exhumes confidence and loves the skin she’s in. But if that idiot spends way more time in the mirror fixing himself than you do, and makes it a mission in life to constantly remind you how not on top of your game you are, then he’s got to go. I mean, why is he with you to begin with and what exactly was it that attracted him to you if he’s later going to trample on your heart? Unless, and this is not an excuse for his disgusting behavior, Continue reading ““My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.””

Two Loves are Better than One?

For some, a committed, exclusive relationship is exactly what they’re looking for. The feelings of having one person to come home too, to care for, to love, brings comfort in providing exactly what they need. However, for others getting to know multiple people in more ways than one, is better than any love they could ever find. No one to answer to, no rules to follow, just relaxation in knowing that every decision is theirs to make.

Like everything though, there is the pros and cons. Continue reading “Two Loves are Better than One?”

Is Your Boyfriend in a Bromance?

There’s only one thing worse than having to fight off girls aiming to steal your man,  and that’s having to fight off their best friends with that same goal. Girls understand that when a boyfriend enters the picture it is inevitable that the friendship is going to change, but boys, and I use boys for a reason, seem to cling to their friends for dear life Continue reading “Is Your Boyfriend in a Bromance?”