My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

As hilarious as the title is, this is actually quite a serious issue in some relationships. I recently read on my newest obsession the Jamaica Star website about a guy having trouble coping in a relationship with the girl he likes not wanting to kiss him. After composing myself from the kind of laughter that gives you a tummy ache, I had a sudden flashback … Continue reading My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

He puts his mom first, his woman last.

They say that a man who loves and respects his mother and family, in general, is a good man, but should he always put them first over the woman he’s dating or even married to? I think not. And to be honest, I’ve never been flattered by that fact. If his life revolves around his mother then what part does his woman play? How will … Continue reading He puts his mom first, his woman last.

Men And Cheating

In a previous post we discussed Women and Cheating, now let’s address the men. So, why do men cheat? Well the answer to this question varies. Cheating can be as a result of neglect or stress in the relationship; whereas his needs aren’t being satisfied. In many cases, men cheat to escape or find relief from an unhappy relationship, but often times it is just for … Continue reading Men And Cheating

Women and Cheating

Cheating in a relationship proves to be a deal breaker,the beginning to the end of something otherwise good.  The initial trust vested becomes null and void, becomes a thing of the past, in more serious cases ceases to exist.  Nowadays, cheating is not only confined to the physical act of  ‘getting it on’, emotional involvement minus the physical has become part and parcel too. From … Continue reading Women and Cheating

It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Ladies and gentlemen, spilling your dirty laundry in public can be very detrimental to your reputation. I received a first hand view of that just recently. By the way, who says taking public transportation isn’t interesting? This is what went down: I was waiting impatiently at the bus stop, being that my bus was unsurprisingly ten minutes late, and ended up being an unwilling witness … Continue reading It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Now and then my friends and I debate on the topic concerning men and cheating. I’ve often questioned the saying ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ because I truly believe that people change and forgiveness should be given. So, that conversation has always ended up unresolved due to the fact that my friends believe the man will always be a cheater and should never be … Continue reading Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Guys Hurt Too!

Ladies, let’s keep it real. Sometimes we tend to forget that guys have feelings too, and they hurt just as much as we do in relationships. Most of the time its the women feeling heartbroken, crying to friends and family, thinking the man doesn’t care, sometimes they really don’t, but often times they do. And we need to remember that men usually express themselves emotionally different than we do.  Continue reading “Guys Hurt Too!”

Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

Friday evening, I was in a foul mood, completely drained and just wanted the comfort of my bed. It seemed like an eternity, before the bus came through. To be exact, it took a whole hour. The entire time, a young mother took the liberty of going bat shit crazy on her young one. She kept scolding, screaming and making threats about facing the wall … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

Love is one helluva drug. When you are in love, it seems that nothing else exists-not even your sense of self, just that cocooning love between you and lover boy or girl! Earlier on the week, I was on the bus when I eavesdropped-as is the usual-on a conversation that had me hella confused. 3 passengers boarded the bus,two of them looking like they had … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?

What would you do if you were faced with desperation? Bills need to be paid and the economy shows no sign of improving. What if you were down to the last two options: strip, or find a sugar daddy? Is there one better than the other, and which do YOU think is more socially acceptable? 

I recently had an interesting conversation with a  very opinionated young lady about stripping and whether or not she would do it to make ends meet. Let me just say that she sugarcoated nothing. So, if you’re looking for something PG rated then please click the X or go watch cartoons, because this post is not for the modest. However, if you’re looking for the real real, then continue below:

“I would feel objectified dancing in barely there clothes, and nobody is gonna be there groping on my thangs. I would find a sugar daddy if that’s what it came down to. And Continue reading “Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?”

Usher reaches the “Climax”

For all those still pondering on whether or not this song’s about the big ‘S’, get your heads out the clouds cause it’s not. “Climax” is about reaching the limit in the relationship and deciding on what’s the next step to take. I absolutely love this new song and I hope the rest of his album will be just like this. Check out the electrifying … Continue reading Usher reaches the “Climax”

Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop: Crazy or Fed Up?

By now you might’ve seen the popular video on Youtube portraying a North Carolina father who’s had enough of his daughter and her inappreciative ways. It’s something a lot of parents can attest to; working hard to provide for your children and not have them respect you at all. Well, this dad has reached his breaking point with his 15 year old daughter for her nasty little post left on facebook: Continue reading “Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop: Crazy or Fed Up?”

Students Exchange Vows At School

Original article by Crystal Harrison

At first when I saw the headline ‘Students Marry At School‘ on the Jamaica-Star website, my initial reaction was how cute it is that this young couple is playing around like that. But after reading through the entire article I realized that this was no joke to them at. The ceremony included a wedding cake, the school’s security guard as officiating minister, and fellow students and teachers as witnesses. There was even a reception held afterwards. Continue reading “Students Exchange Vows At School”

I Hate My Friends…Sometimes

We’re all human, so of course there will be days when all we need is time by ourselves. Sometimes your friends will think you’re trippin’ and probably not understand how much you just want to be left alone. They’ll say stuff like ‘you shouldn’t be alone right now,’ or ‘talk to me that’s what friends are for.’ Therefore, you somewhat get  annoyed with them during those times and probably even dislike them for a few minutes (hours) before snapping back to reality. It’s crazy, but I know its true.  Continue reading “I Hate My Friends…Sometimes”

I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

By Kai

Some of us have experienced the “it’s not you, it’s me” syndrome at some point in our lives and at that very moment we think to ourselves “bullshit,” because we’ve become so familiar with the statement that we know it’s a lie. Well, I’m a firm believer in ‘honesty is the policy,’ regardless. So whenever I have an issue with a guy’s behavior, I’ll definitely call him out on it. And if I’ve decided to take a break then I’ll just be truthful, ‘you’re the problem, I need a break from you.’ See the thing is too many lies are being told in relationships and that’s why progress is not even smelt in the air. I mean, you know things are going sour but Continue reading “I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.”

Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one

It was just too perfect. I know many have felt that way in the past about a relationship and usually that’s the main reason why it falls apart. Sometimes perfect becomes comfortable, and safe; perfect inevitably leads to boredom. There’s nothing spontaneous happening and you begin to lose interest. He/she seemed like the right one at the time but after letting them go you come to terms with the fact that maybe they really weren’t. Now that you’ve had time to carefully think about the past and where the relationship went wrong, you can start developing logical reasons as to why it really wasn’t Continue reading “Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one”

For Thought: 17 year old abused by stepfather

While catching up on Jamaica Star’s latest reports, I came across a story in the Dear Pastor section. Apparently, a 17 year old was being sexually abused by her stepfather and her mother did nothing about it even though she told her. So the story starts out like this, the teen says she’s dating a 27 year old whom her stepfather doesn’t like (jeez I wonder why). On two occasions while she was at home alone with her stepfather, he raped her then threatened her not to tell anyone. It was after the second assault that she finally developed the strength to tell her mother, but unfortunately Continue reading “For Thought: 17 year old abused by stepfather”