Bonnie McKee Unveils “THORNS” M/V

Following last month’s release of the dark and gritty new single, pop hit-maker extraordinaire, Bonnie McKee returns with an official video. Shot in Los Angeles using a vintage Panasonic VHS camera, the new video arrives hot on the heels of Bonnie’s recent sold out show at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, and was directed by Darren Craig (Rihanna, Kesha, Shakira). Watch the hazy, retro-steeped visual for “Thorns” below: Hailed by Entertainment Weekly as … Continue reading Bonnie McKee Unveils “THORNS” M/V

Music Review: Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP

Release date: March 19, 2013

Purchase: iTunes

Are you ready for some soulful, timeless, and all in all REAL music? Then I invite you to give Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP a good long listen. The five track record had me hooked from the opening song, and left me anticipating more by the last. The talented songstress sent fire under my skin with her mature and powerful vocals; I did a double take hearing she was only fourteen years old. One would never guess such impressive ranges were coming from a teen, but Darla has proven that age is indeed nothing but a number.  Continue reading “Music Review: Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP”

Esther Woo Vintage

I know I speak for many when I say vintage is still very much adored. Most recently, I’ve somewhat awoken the ‘old school’ fashion sense within and have been browsing around the web for online (as well as off) clothing stores dedicated to selling really appealing vintage items, and it just so happens that I stumbled upon Esther Woo Vintage. Continue reading “Esther Woo Vintage”

’10’ things about VV

VV Brown is no stranger to the music scene. This young artist has already made a name for herself in her homeland and is now on a mission to take over the rest of the world. And with her honey like voice and vintage influenced style, I’m certain VV will make as big an impact in the states as she did in Britain. Check out her ’10’ quick responses below, and don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with this talented English lady:

Continue reading “’10’ things about VV”

Orange Caramel returns with “Shanghai Romance”

The cutesy thing annoys the hell out of me in kpop, but I’m making this song an exception. “Shanghai Romance” has sweet lyrics, a retro/disco inspired beat, and the ladies of Orange Caramel giving us fun and excitement. The video is just as entertaining; displaying all three of the ladies failed attempt at impressing a really hot guy. Check it out and tell us what … Continue reading Orange Caramel returns with “Shanghai Romance”

[Exclusive] Interview with Nikki Lane: “Retro Inspired Country Star”

Nikki Lane is a country recording artist who’s seemingly influenced by anything retro; need proof, listen to her music, check out her fashion style and watch her music videos. Lane’s voice is as sweet as honey. Her sound is country, but with an edge. It’s definitely incapable of being placed inside a box. Nikki’s latest album, “Walk of Shame“, includes everything but an overwhelming about of breakup songs. It delivers variety and depth, and more issues we can all relate to. One word I use to describe this artist and her music is, rarity. There’s something  particularly unique about her and that will truly take her global and beyond.

Walk of Shame” will be available on September 27. In the mean time, check out Nikki’s vintage looking music video for “Gone, Gone, Gone” below, and read the interview to learn more about this inspiring singer: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with Nikki Lane: “Retro Inspired Country Star””

Nikki Lane in ’10’



Nikki Lane has an incomparable musical style and is in my opinion the true definition of a creative artist. Her unique concept transitions well in whatever art form she develops. With her stunning beauty and indescribable stage presence, Lane is making a name for herself in an industry that’s certainly lacking real talent. It’s always a pleasure to have any artist take on our traditional ’10 quickies’, and Nikki is the next to do so. So check out her answers below and don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with this gifted performer. Continue reading “Nikki Lane in ’10’”

[Review] Kara’s “Step”

Kara is one of those kpop girl groups that maintain a strong fanbase no matter what foolishness they release. Their musical style varies from dance & electro pop, to retro and club. Those are quite entertaining genres, however, since the group’s debut, I’ve never been caught up in their sweet and posh aura. Has there ever been an exception? I’d have to say “Wanna” and … Continue reading [Review] Kara’s “Step”

Superfly’s “Beep!!” MV

Japanese indie/retro/blues/rock artist Superfly has released the music video for “Beep!!“, and I wanted to post it here and give details about the new music from this talented artist.

Beep!!” is Superfly’s 12th single overall, and will be released as a double A-side called “Beep!!/Sunshine Sunshine” on March 3rd. The song is a groovy retro rock track that makes you feel like dancing. I love Shiho’s vocals. She’s a powerful singer and talented songwriter. Watch the artistic music video below and tell us what you think:

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