Feature: [Pieces to the Puzzle: Mel Rivers]

Twitter [@ImMelRivers] Facebook [ImMelRivers] Download Pieces To The Puzzle Mixtape Mel Rivers is a young up and coming artist based out of NYC that I happened to bump into randomly in Manhanttan. His first question to me was, “Do you like hip-hop”. Without even thinking, I instantly said, “No”. Basically, shut down whatever it was his was trying to pitch. On second thoughts, I decided … Continue reading Feature: [Pieces to the Puzzle: Mel Rivers]

[Music Review] Yuri Koller “Open Doors”

Yuri Koller is a Toronto based vocalist, songwriter, and producer. His latest effort, Open Doors, came to us via a short sweet email from the man himself. It is a mashup of hiphop, RnB, and soul. Personally, I struggled to find any soul esque notes in his music, hence it just being a contemporary R&B album. If you miss the 90s era, his music re-ignites that vibe effortlessly.

In terms of production, his crew consisting of Cxaleb,SE7N, Oliver Grey, Korruption, and the Masterminds and Nexus Movement, went hard in the paint for him. Both Kai and I were impressed with their professional efforts. Shourr ourrs to dem! Overall, it is a very well produced and cohesive sophomore project. Apparently, this cutie has been on his grind for a minute…Nyhoo, journey with me as I review, and let’s see whether he gets a (-) to the nth power, or an (A*) rating. 

[Free download] here

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Tyrese is righting the wrongs and STAYing

Video Of the Day

Pay keen attention to the opening mark of 1:09-1:33. The high pitched guitar notes, and the southern intonations of days gone by is just the icing on the cake in this video. There is a subtle soulful vibe throughout the song reminiscent of a beautiful era. When gentle preceded the men.

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While Beyonce is on her hiatus……guess what???????! Chloe and Halle are taking over!

I was on youtube, as is the usual routine listening to music, when I bumped into these two adorable young sisters who can SANG! It’s 3:17 in the a.m, welcome to the world of 13 year old Chloe and her 11 year old sister Halle!

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Zemmy Momoh- African songstress

Hailing from the motherland with a sweet-soulful voice that could make  a snake come out of its lair is none other than Zemmy Momoh. She is a London based songstress with Nigerian roots who says “I’d put my sound somewhere broadly between Sia, Dido, Sade and Maroon 5.”

Without further ado, read more on her!

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Zemmy Momoh-London by way of Naija quickies

With a debut EP in the works, and producer maestro Yoad Nevo (who has produced for the likes of: Morcheeba, Air,Goldfrapp, Sugababes, Jem, Pet Shop Boys) working the magic behind the scenes, Zemmy Momoh fans are in for a treat.

Head on over to our interview section to acquaint yourself with the songstress, otherwise quickie on!

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Antonio Mclendon: An RnB star in the making

New England is well known for its clam chowder, but not so much for its artistry. Allow me to introduce to you Antonio Mclendon from Providence, RI, the smallest state in the U.S.

He is an immensely multi-talented artist who plays five instruments: the piano, drums, bass, lead guitar, saxaphone and the trumpet. Additionally he sings, produces and composes songs.  He cites his father as being his greatest musical influence.

Genre wise, his focus is on smooth RnB. Which has an old school feel to it that is devoid of today’s  music. Mend your broken heart is his first single, where he promises to treat her like a queen as remedy for being broken hearted.  Take a listen. Continue reading “Antonio Mclendon: An RnB star in the making”