Within Temptation covers and kills!

Dutch badass symphonic metal band adds some rock to hit songs “Crazy” and “Somebody that I used to Know”. Check out the edgy covers and tell us what you think. Sharon is such a versatile vocalist. Don’t you think? credit: PrincessofSecret Continue reading Within Temptation covers and kills!

Day26 Is Reviving R&B

Wow! Leave it to a male group formed via reality television to re-capture the essence of what R&B music is. Speaking of the latter, doesn’t it seem like Rhythm and Blues is somewhat overshadowed by the lifeless, meaningless, fist pumping phase we now call club bangers. The world has adopted a sort of Pop frenzy but even pop doesn’t sound like pop anymore. It’s kinda hard to describe exactly what I’m hearing but it’s certainly not anything of substance.Β  Continue reading “Day26 Is Reviving R&B”