Is SPICA One To Watch?

Well, aside from being named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, which I have no problem with, this new group SPICA looks rather interesting to keep an eye on in the new year. It’s kinda, actually no let me rephrase that, IT IS crowdy in the Kpop industry at the moment, being that so many groups, particularly female groups, have debuted. And I have certainly lost count; they didn’t leave anything memorable for me to stick with them anyways. However, there is something about SPICA that intrigues me, and it has nothing to do with Lee Hyori cause that lady has no talent besides looking pretty and posing for pictures. Yes! I said it, and I will not retract my statement because Hyori can sing just as much as Paris Hilton can act. Anyways, back to the really talented ones. Continue reading “Is SPICA One To Watch?”