[Exclusive] There’s Something About Erica

Erica Hubbard is the full package; she embodies wonderful attributes that make her noticeable on screen and on the red carpet. Erica has far proven she is more than the “noxzema girl” doing commericals, and  “Cassie” was only the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to delivering a dramatic performance. Hailing from South Chicago, Hubbard entered the world of entertainment at quite a young age. It’s hard to imagine the charisma she already brought forth at nine to land her a modeling deal with FORD, much less doing voice-overs. But I guess it’s just as she described it, “growing up in a Midwestern environment is great, because those states breed hard-working people.” And hard-working she certainly is.

If you’re only familiar with Erica Hubbard the actress and model, then allow our exclusive interview to enlighten you on all the other talents this stunner possesses. Read on for more. Go ahead, indulge yourselves: Continue reading “[Exclusive] There’s Something About Erica”

Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress

By Kai

Erica Hubbard landed a place in the hearts of many playing Cassie on the popular ABC Family drama “Lincoln Heights.” However, beyond the alluring beauty of this undeniably smart woman lies not only a promising actress and model, but a philanthropist and budding author. Over the years we have seen Erica transitioned in the industry; taking on a variety of roles that far exceeds the performance of the previous. I would say she has indeed evolved further since her debut as a voice actress. These days, we can catch up with Erica on BET’s new television series “Let’s Stay Together.”And while Hubbard is currently known as one to watch out for, receiving praises as the young Kimberly Elise, she makes it a top priority to not only carve a place for her self in the industry, but to remain versatile and memorable while doing so. It’s rather rare if not shocking to hear someone say they’re unfamiliar with Erica’s work, but that only means finding another to make a fan out of. So, how do you begin describing this impeccable actress? By going back to where it all began for her. Continue reading “Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress”