Tuesday Melodies: Watch Me Soar by Erin Christine

Check out the super awesome Erin Christine‘s latest track called Watch Me Soar. A beautiful song about prevailing above all odds and fighting to achieve your goals. Don’t you just love Erin’s music. I sure do. Tell us what you think of her latest, and of course, purchase it now on iTunes.   Credits: ErinChristine TV Continue reading Tuesday Melodies: Watch Me Soar by Erin Christine

Erin Christine’s Music is “Epic, Timeless and Honest”

If you don’t know who Erin Christine is by now, then you are definitely missing out on remarkable talent. This Connecticut born starlet has been dreaming about the stage since at a young age, and now she is working hard to turn that dream into reality.

Erin Christine is a show stopper; an energetic performer who continues to stun listeners with her passionate vocal abilities. One cannot turn away once Erin puts her fingers to work on a piano, creating a sound that touches the core of your soul. She is simply breathtaking!

Watch her music video for the soulful single “Say“, and read the interview to discover just who Erin Christine is:

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Erin Christine’s 10 Quickies

Erin Christine describe’s her music as timeless, epic and honest. After listening to her sing and watching her perform, you’ll have no doubt in your mind that she truly is all that and more.

Erin took some time to do an exclusive interview for EMBRACE YOU, so waste no time in uncovering this young star on the rise, and check out her interesting ’10 quickie’ responses below:

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