[Review] Mýa’s “K.I.S.S.”

Mýa plunged back into making music after wrapping up “Dancing with the stars”, and has since made a name for herself overseas. The r&b/pop singer, dancer, actress, and songwriter has been hard at work in the studio cooking up new material in which she’ll be able to display her growth and maturity as an artist. Her 6th studio album “K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple)” has been doing exceptionally well in Japan. The album serves up a mixture of r&b, electropop, rock, dancehall, and soul songs that will surely become a favorite amongst fans. Mýa sings about love and heartbreak while adding party anthems and stress relievers to the bunch to keep listeners entertained. There’s definitely something for everyone. Continue reading “[Review] Mýa’s “K.I.S.S.””

Who is Nneka?

Are you tired of so-called artists singing about meaningless things? Well, let me introduce you to Nneka Egbuna. A Nigerian-German hip hop, reggae, soul singer and songwriter, making waves in the motherland and globally. Her music is anything but the norm. Nneka takes you to a place where no other artist can take you. I don’t quite know if it’s her soulful vocals or her thought-provoking lyrics that draws me into her music but this woman is extremely talented. In every song and video there’s a story to tell; the concepts are often derived from global issues such as poverty, war and capitalism. Continue reading “Who is Nneka?”