5 Women’s Shoes that Will Never Go Out Of Style

Whether you’re a shoe shopaholic or a less is more kind of girl, this list contains the footwear must-haves for everyone. If your collection contains just these five essentials you’ll never be in a pickle over what to put on your feet.  Sandals Sandals are a firm favorite in terms of comfort. It’s important to know what sandal suits what occasion, rocking up to the office in a … Continue reading 5 Women’s Shoes that Will Never Go Out Of Style

Pintta to Unveil Designer Shoes at MAGIC

Victor Green & Luis Miguel Contreiras launch Pintta Shoes, the footwear brand for colorful personalities. Pintta Shoes is proud to announce the launch of its fashion forward men’s shoe line at the MAGIC apparel expo in Las Vegas.   Last year, Victor Green from the television show, “Hatched,” fell in love with two pairs of shoes he stumbled across in Portugal. The shoes were the … Continue reading Pintta to Unveil Designer Shoes at MAGIC

Kick-start Your Independent Sneaker Collection


Today, men’s footwear fashion has arguably become the most invested and self-conscious part of any man’s attire. The new generation of male adults now care about their sneaker collection as much as most women love a pair of heels. Men are now seeing shoes as a way to express their personality and individuality so they can stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading “Kick-start Your Independent Sneaker Collection”

My Tribe & b.makowsky


The L.A.-based label My Tribe makes the kind of effortlessly cool clothes that turn a basic wardrobe into something sassy, poised, and a little edgy. B. Makowsky brings the same timeless styling and design expertise to their bold new line of shoes that have feminine vintage appeal. Put the two brands together and you’ll achieve a gorgeous and fresh looking outfit. Check out the latest items below and shop now at ideeli Continue reading “My Tribe & b.makowsky”