[Music Review] SISTAR’s “Alone” EP

We are the mighty SISTAR! I love the way these ladies introduce themselves. It’s original and fierce, something hard to find in kpop groups these days. Anyways, all praises based on SISTAR’s appeal and formation aside, time to focus on their first mini album “Alone.” 

I’m loving the concept: grown and sexy. The group has certainly shown maturity in their vocals and attitude since their debut. SISTAR is like a representation of women, not teens; just observe the way they portray themselves, the kind of music they perform, and the very way they sing. Everything is done in a chic and sophisticated manner. I love it. But while their message is often about women being strong and confident, the ladies have shown that they can be playful and vulnerable at times.  With that said, I’m excited to check out the new EP, so come on this journey with me as I discover what SISTAR has in store for us:

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SISTAR Won’t Be “Alone” Looking Like That

If you’ve been out of touch with kpop like myself then let me update you on my latest discovery via the Youtube homepage. SISTAR is back and sexier than ever. The four talented ladies have returned with “Alone,” a sultry soul/pop number depicting the group’s maturity and sensual side. The music video is tastefully creative; SISTAR performs a fresh and sultry choreography that is far … Continue reading SISTAR Won’t Be “Alone” Looking Like That

“How Dare You” not like SISTAR

Kpop group SISTAR (meaning they are meant to be sisters and big stars in the industry) has released their third single album, and I’m definitely loving it. Their explosive vocals grabbed my attention in the intro track “Mighty Sistar“, and continues throughout to the hip hop number “Over“.

The lead single “How Dare You“, is a dance song produced by the Brave Brothers, popular Korean producers who worked on the group’s previous releases.  The music video features sexy choreography, but I don’t think it’s over the top as some make it out to be (the MV was banned for its content, specifically a pole/stripper dance concept). In my opinion, there are worse; both song and MV are actually interesting.

Check out the tracks below and watch the music video for “How Dare You“:

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