Music Review: Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single”

Release date: July 4, 2012

Label: SM Entertainment

Purchase: Yesasia | KpoptownΒ | iTunes

Rating: 4/5

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this album from beginning to end, there were some bumps along the way. What I disliked was the musical production on a few of the songs. Those were sounding misplaced, washed up, and whacky. Honesty is my best policy and I’m not going to lie and say Sexy, Free & Single was mind blowing when it most certainly was not. It was interesting but not exceptional. Allow me to give you a run down as to how the record left me with mixed feelings:

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Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

Kpop’s super group (well not exactly unless you classify a group with more than 6 members to be super like me) Super Junior, has returned with their 6th album Β “Sexy, Free & Single.” I like the song and the video, but there wasn’t much of a concept to it, mostly just good dancing and camera tricks. As for the song itself, its like a rip … Continue reading Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

If you’re a fan of Super Junior and have been following the movements of SM Entertainment, then you’ll certainly know that the South Korean label has a new boy group ready to unleash to feening Kpop fans worldwide. I recently came across EXO-K‘s first track “What Is Love” and it completely blew me away. Their vocal talents are beyond impressive. The song reminded me a … Continue reading EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

[WINNER] SNSD’s 3rd Album “The Boys”

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Again, EMBRACE YOU is highly appreciative of all the support we’ve gotten since we launched on October15. Now, it’s time to announce the winner of our 1st anniversary contest. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t won this one there’s many more to come. So without any more delay, the winner is…
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SNSD releases “The Boys” MV

Girls’ Generation has finally unveiled the long awaited music video for not only the Korean version of their latest song “The Boys,” but the English version as well. You can now purchase the English version on iTunes. The song is catchy and I like how chic and sophisticated their new concept is. However, the auto-tune, as usual, is just killing me. I guess they utilized it more this time to assist with their English pronunciations? And I can’t help but think of Gwen Stefani‘s “Hollaback Girl” whenever I hear “The Boys.” Anyways, the choreography is cool and the outfits are hot. I’m definitely loving Hyoyeon‘s studded high boots and Sunny‘s red jacket. Check out both videos below and tell us what you think: Continue reading “SNSD releases “The Boys” MV”

SNSD teases “The Boys”


Girls’ Generation has unveiled the final teaser for their upcoming album “The Boys” and I must say I’m loving the concept and the backing music. Unfortunately, they never seem to use these hip hop influenced sounds for their actual lead track so I strongly doubt this is the song they’re going to release, if it is, then kudos to SM for finally taking SNSD out of the bubblegum phase. Anyways, check out the teaser showing the girls’ stunning new look and tell us what you think. Is it another SNSD hit in the making or what? Continue reading “SNSD teases “The Boys””

[Review] Girls Generation

Girls Generation (SNSD) has done exceptionally well over the years in dominating kpop charts and establishing themselves as Korea’s top selling girl group. Their fan base spans beyond asia, crossing internationally waters. The group has tremendously impacted the industry with their catchy mega hit “Gee“, which had everyone singing and dancing to the song. Recently these ladies have been hard at work in trying to make a name for themselves in Japan, and it seems they have conquered the Jpop market as well. Their first crossover album features poppy numbers along with a few blasts from the past. Girls Generation remains faithful to their kpop roots while attempting another language, and I have to say they’re sounding not too bad out of their comfort zone. Continue reading “[Review] Girls Generation”

Spotlight – Kahi

Meet Kahi Park, a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and leader of Kpop group After School. Kahi is most notable for her fierce dancing and charismatic personality on music shows or performing among the other members of After School.

Kahi was born Ji-Young Park. She developed a passion for dancing as a teenager, and was influenced by hip hop and r&b music. She didn’t receive professional training due to strong objections by her family, but kept on dancing and improving her skills on her own. Kahi moved to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, despite her family’s disagreement to pursue an entertainment career. She landed a job as a back-up dancer while she was 18. Continue reading “Spotlight – Kahi”