Do you know “Who You Are?” Jessie J does

Singer/Songwriter Jessie J has released the music video for one of my favorite songs off her album of the same title. “Who You Are” is about staying true to yourself and not conforming. I love the message and the voice. She pulls you in with every line and I love how emotionally charged [...Read More]

October 1, 2011 // 2 Comments

Introducing Meklit Hadero

Who is Meklit Hadero? She’s a stunning beauty, a lover of the arts, a songwriter, and a soulful singer. This talented lady is widely influenced by jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b, folk music, to the traditional sounds from her East African home of Ethiopia. Her unique musical style has no limits. [...Read More]

September 22, 2011 // 0 Comments

[Exclusive] Interview with Anais Aida

Who is Anais Aida? A talented r&b/soul singer with a multicultural background. Aida received notable recognition for her cover of the Janelle Monae track “Say You’ll Go,” a song She’s working hard on her debut album and establishing herself as a solo artist, hoping [...Read More]

August 24, 2011 // 0 Comments

Anais Aida’s “10 Quickies”

Anais Aida delivers R&B soul like no other. Her sound is incomparable and takes you far beyond expectation. Just one listen and she’ll have you hooked. With every track she sings you’re given the evidence that this young talent is not here to simply sojourn in music, but she’s [...Read More]

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Cymphonique “Something”

Check out this sultry, soul singing sensation’s new music video for her hot single “Something“. Cymphonique has the voice and swag that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained. I’m definitely feeling this song. Talk about a young Christina Aguilera. cr: [...Read More]

July 13, 2011 // 0 Comments

[Review] Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me”

Ledisi has come a long way in deed. From her 2007 breakthrough “Lost & Found“, to the funky “Turn Me Loose” released in 2009, this Grammy nominated artist has certainly proven that she has a lot to offer. This summer, she’ll be “bringing forth” a piece of herself [...Read More]

May 26, 2011 // 1 Comment

Dionne Bromfield ain’t “Foolin” you

  The little British girl with big pipes, Dionne Bromfield, is stirring up a lot of interest with her soulful and very powerful singing at the tender age of 15. However, many argue that she’s only displaying the talents expected of an Amy Winehouse protégé and goddaughter to the artist. Dionne [...Read More]

May 21, 2011 // 0 Comments

[Review] Jessie J’s “Who You Are”

So just who is Jessie J? well, she’s certainly no bubble gum pop artist. Ms. J tells it like it is and keeps it real always. ‘Fresh’ isn’t quite the word to use when describing her sound. In fact, her songs play on different genres: rock, pop, r&b, reggae, and even soul. [...Read More]

April 11, 2011 // 1 Comment

Kelli-Leigh interview with Niji Magazine

Our favorite English soul singer/songwriter Kelli-Leigh discusses what’s been going on with her, advice for up-and-coming artists, and her new EP, including being on tour with Adele in her recent interview with Niji Magazine. Check it out below: What made you get into music and when [...Read More]

April 3, 2011 // 0 Comments

Indigo Charlie’s “On the Edge”

One of EY‘s favorite artist returns with yet another work of art. Indigo Charlie has unveiled the music video for her latest “On the Edge“. The video, which was directed by Carmen Chan (“Never Change“), has wonderful artistic direction and features Indigo looking as [...Read More]

March 20, 2011 // 0 Comments

Zemmy Momoh- African songstress

Hailing from the motherland with a sweet-soulful voice that could make  a snake come out of its lair is none other than Zemmy Momoh. She is a London based songstress with Nigerian roots who says “I’d put my sound somewhere broadly between Sia, Dido, Sade and Maroon 5.” [...Read More]

March 16, 2011 // 0 Comments

Zemmy Momoh-London by way of Naija quickies

With a debut EP in the works, and producer maestro Yoad Nevo (who has produced for the likes of: Morcheeba, Air,Goldfrapp, Sugababes, Jem, Pet Shop Boys) working the magic behind the scenes, Zemmy Momoh fans are in for a treat. Head on over to our interview section to acquaint yourself with the [...Read More]

March 16, 2011 // 0 Comments

Jessie J’s “Price Tag” Acoustic

I just love this song. I can definitely relate to what Jessie’s trying to convey, and she’s so right. We need to forget about our troubles sometimes and just live, because life is too short. Anyways, enjoy this song and allow the words to resonate in your mind. Credit: [...Read More]

March 10, 2011 // 0 Comments

Jessie J.

Her name is Jessie J. She is from the U.K. with a very soulful voice. Support her music. This is her single Who You Are (Boombox Series) performed in the subways of NYC! Her vocals are crazy soulful. Take a listen to her Big White Room acoustic version. I dare you to not be impressed.  Oh na na [...Read More]

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