5 Amazing Adventure Holiday Ideas for 2016

Have you been doing everything “boring and safe” until now? Are you tired of it? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be… No one can find the thrill and rush in today’s everyday world: it’s slow, rather stale and the only challenge comes from your job, and that comes with stress, weight gain, and hair loss. What you need to do is step up your … Continue reading 5 Amazing Adventure Holiday Ideas for 2016

Boats from Bangkok to South Africa.

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This is my first entry for Ed’s Sunday Stills Challenge. This week the theme is boats of any shape or size, so here are a few boat pics which I managed to source in a bit of a hurry, as Sunday is almost over. Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Long-tail boats in Phuket Yacht in San Pedro, Belize.… Continue reading Boats from Bangkok to South Africa.

Settling for less?

It’s been a minute since I’ve come across music worth listening to on youtube. That’s until I bumped into Liquideep a young South African house music group with the lead singer crooning, “No I won’t settle, settle for less”.  I never listen to a song until the end, probably give it a minute or two and onto the next.

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African Traditional Wear: Raw and Unedited version

In Africa, when it comes to STYLE (notice I did not say fashion) we do it effortlessly and seamlessly without putting much thought to it. When the so and so’s of the fashion world are trying to push the envelope, I just smh! Why you ask? Because Africa’s been pushing the envelope in fashion since the beginning of time. We just don’t get much shine. Sigh!  Get ready to be fashionorgasmized, by the


Fulani woman wearing traditional gold earrings. Those yellows are popping! Fulani can be predominantly found in West Africa (Mali, Gambia etc) but also in Central Africa and North Africa (Sudan). 

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Barry Southgate creates ‘a bed of harmonies’

Singer, songwriter and performer Barry Southgate is a multi-talented artist based in Australia. “An ordinary man, living a not-so ordinary life”, Barry is working hard to bring a feel-good pop sound fusing together with soul, to music lovers around the globe.

Barry Southgate is more than just an entertainer; he does his best in giving back as well, wherever and whenever he can. With a new single and his first EP released, Barry hopes to get his music into the ears and hands of as many people as possible.

Check out his latest single “Don’t You Think?” below, and read the interview for more details about this amazingly talented artist!

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