‘Bounce’ with JJ Project

There’s nothing hotter than a beat mixed with hip hop, pop, dance, dubstep, and rock. What’s the end result? JJ Project. ‘JYP has done it again, cooking up an awesome track fitting for my stereo, appeals to mainstream, and doesn’t sound stupid. ‘Bounce‘ is my current Kpop addiction. Check it out and tell us what you think. Credit: JJProjectOfficial Continue reading ‘Bounce’ with JJ Project

[Music Review] SISTAR’s “Alone” EP

We are the mighty SISTAR! I love the way these ladies introduce themselves. It’s original and fierce, something hard to find in kpop groups these days. Anyways, all praises based on SISTAR’s appeal and formation aside, time to focus on their first mini album “Alone.” 

I’m loving the concept: grown and sexy. The group has certainly shown maturity in their vocals and attitude since their debut. SISTAR is like a representation of women, not teens; just observe the way they portray themselves, the kind of music they perform, and the very way they sing. Everything is done in a chic and sophisticated manner. I love it. But while their message is often about women being strong and confident, the ladies have shown that they can be playful and vulnerable at times.  With that said, I’m excited to check out the new EP, so come on this journey with me as I discover what SISTAR has in store for us:

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SISTAR Won’t Be “Alone” Looking Like That

If you’ve been out of touch with kpop like myself then let me update you on my latest discovery via the Youtube homepage. SISTAR is back and sexier than ever. The four talented ladies have returned with “Alone,” a sultry soul/pop number depicting the group’s maturity and sensual side. The music video is tastefully creative; SISTAR performs a fresh and sultry choreography that is far … Continue reading SISTAR Won’t Be “Alone” Looking Like That

This Vampire Fixation


What’s up with people, no squash that, entertainers today? It seems they all have developed an annoying obsession with vampire concepts: dark, deathly, otherworldly. I don’t know about you but I forgot about that movie within 24 hours of its release. And in reaction to this style that continues to show up, my final conclusion remains, its washed-up. Continue reading “This Vampire Fixation”

[Album Review] After School’s “Playgirlz”

After School has always been my favorite kpop girl group. I like their style; not particularly the member system in place, but mainly their musical concepts. And as much as I like them, I never allowed that to overshadow my judgement on any of their releases. If the song sucks, I’ll be honest and admit it just as quick as I am to admit when it sounds pretty hot. After School, more precisely their leader, has tasteful elements in whatever it is they deliver to their target market. Unfortunately, the group hasn’t received greater recognition for their hard work, still they continue to strive for that wish they sought out to achieve. Recently, AS has ventured into the Jpop market in hopes of acquiring a wider range of feedback not yet completely felt in their homeland. So far, I’m not necessarily impressed but I believe they’ll improve because in all honesty, they usually do. Thus the birth of their first Jpop album ‘Playgirlz‘. Continue reading “[Album Review] After School’s “Playgirlz””

NU’EST Brings It, A Little

Kpop’s latest arrival is a male group from Pledis Entertainment (home of After School) called NU’EST. Initially, I was under the impression that their name is pronounced ‘newest’, but apparently its pronounced new east. Anyways, whatever it is they call themselves or what you so choose to call them, I like their debut single album ‘FACE‘. And there’s absolutely no bias here. I’m not feeling them simply because I’m a fan of Kahi and After School, I truly like NU’EST and that intro has me hooked. Continue reading “NU’EST Brings It, A Little”

BIG BANG is “Alive” and Still “Bad”

One of the biggest male groups in Kpop’s history has unveiled their long awaited new mini album “Alive“, and a music video for the second single off the EP. I think what we all can agree with on “Bad Boy” is that BIG BANG has finally returned to their hip hop roots. This is the group that I became drawn to, not for their sickening … Continue reading BIG BANG is “Alive” and Still “Bad”

Can Entertainers Really Be Themselves In The Industry?

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about this controversy surrounding a particular male group that transpired after an interview supposedly went wrong. At first when people (the media and fans alike) started responding negatively I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it wasn’t as big a deal as they made it out to be, mind you I hadn’t even seen the interview to be having any sort of opinion on it.  However, seeing that this wasn’t going away after a few days it made me realize that it must be serious after all. So, I decided to watch the interview and get some substantial feedback from an avid follower of the group.  Continue reading “Can Entertainers Really Be Themselves In The Industry?”

[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch”

Title: “Touch” 4th Mini Album

Artist: Miss A

Release date: 2.20.2012

I’m still waiting to warm up to Miss A‘s lead track for their 4th EP. However, I would never refuse the other songs included based solely on whether or not I gravitate towards the first. And while “Touch” may not be high up on my chart as yet, I’d still like to give this group and their music a chance. Also, I must applaud the ladies on ever improving their craft, such as delivering strong vocals and tasteful dancing. Continue reading “[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch””

Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

I’ve been sort of a fan of Miss A since their debut and that’s mainly for their choreography. One in particular, “Breathe.” The kpop group recently unveiled their latest music video for the song “Touch,” which started out with some kind of Indonesian art form (or is it Egyptian? possibly cos their dancing look so mummified) and I liked that part until the song came … Continue reading Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

Chocolat Returns, Still One Member Short

I’ve been following this Chocolat group since their debut and to be honest, I’m not really sure why. Maybe its because I’m waiting to see how far they can go in the biz because they obviously work so hard. Anyways, the ladies have returned with a new single’s album, which is more like a second single from their first mini album. “One More Day” is basically “Same Thing To Her“; I’m not good with the language so I can’t really say which other parts of the song got remastered, all I know is the title changed but the beat remained the “same.” Continue reading “Chocolat Returns, Still One Member Short”

Is SPICA One To Watch?

Well, aside from being named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, which I have no problem with, this new group SPICA looks rather interesting to keep an eye on in the new year. It’s kinda, actually no let me rephrase that, IT IS crowdy in the Kpop industry at the moment, being that so many groups, particularly female groups, have debuted. And I have certainly lost count; they didn’t leave anything memorable for me to stick with them anyways. However, there is something about SPICA that intrigues me, and it has nothing to do with Lee Hyori cause that lady has no talent besides looking pretty and posing for pictures. Yes! I said it, and I will not retract my statement because Hyori can sing just as much as Paris Hilton can act. Anyways, back to the really talented ones. Continue reading “Is SPICA One To Watch?”

Stars face-off: Yuri, Zoe & Kristen

   Korean actress Yuri Sung in a dress from Opening Ceremony Resort 2012 collection, necklace from Bohn jewelry, and shoes from Perche. Zoe Saldana in an Alexander McQueen LBD, stingray belt and minaudiere. Other accessories included Casadei platforms, Graziela Couture gems and a delicate ankle bracelet. Kristen Bell appeared on Good Day L.A. in a red top, Vanessa Bruno floral skirt and patent leather pumps. Continue reading Stars face-off: Yuri, Zoe & Kristen

EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

If you’re a fan of Super Junior and have been following the movements of SM Entertainment, then you’ll certainly know that the South Korean label has a new boy group ready to unleash to feening Kpop fans worldwide. I recently came across EXO-K‘s first track “What Is Love” and it completely blew me away. Their vocal talents are beyond impressive. The song reminded me a … Continue reading EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

[Review] Brian Joo’s “Reborn Part 1”

Brian Joo just melts my heart every time he opens his mouth and starts singing. This is a natural talent who I feel doesn’t get the complete recognition he deserves. His last release, “Unveiled,” truly blew me away; the songs were tasteful, unconventional, and totally spectacular. Brian has always been that artist who knows how to deliver music worth listening to. And thus he’s done it again. “Reborn Part 1” continues where the previous EP left off, so they say. For his latest effort, Joo has invited one of the biggest hip hop artists in Korea, Tiger JK, along with Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, and Flowsik of Aziatix to help convey his ‘seriousness towards music.’ The lead track caught my attention so now all that’s left is to check out the rest of the EP and see exactly where Brian is going with this one. Continue reading “[Review] Brian Joo’s “Reborn Part 1””

Stars face-off: Jung Hwa, Jennifer & Gabrielle

   Singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa attended a press conference in an ensemble from Balmain Fall/Winter 2011 and Resort 2012 Collection. Jennifer Lawrence announced the Oscar nominations in an eyelet Prada ensemble and raffia Brian Atwood pumps. Gabrielle Union hosted the BET Honors in a cap sleeve Emilio Pucci sheath, teardrop danglers, a sky blue minaudiere and metallic peep-toes. Continue reading Stars face-off: Jung Hwa, Jennifer & Gabrielle

“The DJ Is Mine”

The Wonder Girls have unveiled their latest music video for “The DJ Is Mine,” their second attempt at the English market. While the song is catchy and the choreography is tastefully done, their English pronunciation is still a bit off in some parts. Well, that’s my take on it. What do you think, does Wonder Girls have a chance? And will you be paying attention to their … Continue reading “The DJ Is Mine”

“It’s War” for MBLAQ

One of my favorite kpop male group has returned to the music scene with a dramatic music video for their new single “It’s War.” MBLAQ never ceases to blow me away with their sexy choreography, cinematic story lines, and Lee Joon’s frequent use of guns. I’m definitely loving “It’s War” and anticipating the release of their 4th mini album “100% Ver.“. So, check out the … Continue reading “It’s War” for MBLAQ