[Review] After School’s “Virgin”


Kpop girl group After School is making a comeback to the industry with their first full length album entitled “Virgin“. AS hasn’t released any new music since “Bang!” in 2010, and only the sub-units and other members have been doing any sort of promotion. You might remember Orange Caramel‘s “Bangkok Cityand Kahi‘s “Come Back You Bad Person“. While both solo projects were interesting and kept fans entertained, it’s good to see the group back as a whole and making great music for us. Check out my full album review below:

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“Can’t Nobody” hold 2NE1 down, in English that is…

Kpop‘s “bad bad but so good good” top female group 2NE1 recently released the English version music video for their song “Can’t Nobody“. 2NE1 is currently in preparation of releasing an English album and “Can’t Nobody” seems to be their first attempt at a crossover, however, the song would be a lot better without the auto-tune resounding throughout the entire thing. CL goes real hard in her very much hip hop influenced rapping, and the chorus is quite catchy. Anyways, check out the music video below, which is not much different from the Korean version. Continue reading ““Can’t Nobody” hold 2NE1 down, in English that is…”

Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…

No one can deny the wide spread impact of Kpop around the world, but with so many artists debuting by the second, is there room for more and how can they set themselves apart? There are many new (rookie) girl groups trying to take a bite out of the success cake, but in my opinion some of these groups lack originality and straight up talent. Well in the ever-growing industry, some argue that it takes more than just talent to make it. In fact, I’ve found that “idols” don’t have to be amazing singers and dancers. If you’re in a group, being charismatic and pretty can take you just as far in the industry as well. Talented or not.  Continue reading “Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…”

Plagiarism could be headed her way but “Who Cares?”

Lita, a Thai Kpop newbie, has released her debut EP “Who Cares?“, and while I listened to the mini album I noticed something thats awfully evident, all 5 prior to the last sounds plagiarized. Like the title track for example sounds like Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed“. Take a listen below and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Overall, I think she has a great voice, the songs, though plagiarized sounds good, but I haven’t seen any promotional activities. Maybe she’s being overlooked? Anyways, check out the tracks below and let us know what you think. Continue reading “Plagiarism could be headed her way but “Who Cares?””

Let’s have a “Heart to Heart”

Kpop female group 4Minute returns with a cute little love song. I like the music video for their newest single “Heart to Heart“, which is basically about Hyun A‘s relationship and getting back at her boyfriend for flirting with another girl. I must say Cube Entertainment has tamed the auto-tune and people can finally hear the true capabilities of 4Minute’s vocal range (especially JiYoon, girl can singggg!). Check out the music video below and purchase the “Heart to Heart” EP on Melon. My favorite track on the EP is #5, “Pretend“. Continue reading “Let’s have a “Heart to Heart””

BIG BANG’s “Tonight” MV: Hot or Flop?

So BIG BANG has released the music video for their latest single “Tonight“, off their lame EP. Anyways, I like the video and the song, but it’s just that. Ok! Anyways watch the video below if you haven’t already (which I highly doubt), and vote if it’s hot or flop: Continue reading “BIG BANG’s “Tonight” MV: Hot or Flop?”

[Review] BIG BANG is back, but are fans pleased?

I previously posted about BIG BANG‘s comeback to the kpop scene, and even featured their video teaser for the intro track ‘Thank You & You‘. Well, YG Entertainment’s most valuable asset has released their 4th mini album today. The mini album consists of 6, and (I fool you not) only 6 tracks, including the lead single ‘Tonight‘. So was this comeback worth the wait of their precious VIPs after such a long time from kpop? Absolutely NOT. Are you kidding me YG, you couldn’t put more of an effort and add a couple more songs? Well anyways, I’m not a VIP and never was, so this doesn’t faze me. However, I can’t help but feel sad for their unlucky fans for this half-assed new release. Anyways, as I gather my thoughts and divert from the aforementioned issue, I decided to go ahead and give my quick review on the 6 track EP. Continue reading “[Review] BIG BANG is back, but are fans pleased?”

The BIG BANG hype!

These guys certainly know how to keep their VIPS anxious. Kpop group BIG BANG has been away from the music scene in their homeland for quite some time, therefore their return had to bring it! By this I mean taunt their fans by releasing several photos of their new concept, and of course all the sub projects they’ve been doing leading up to their return as a group. One can only guess what their new mini album (they couldn’t record a full length album being that they left for so long? so cheap) has in store. Well, guess no further. BIG BANG has unveiled a teaser video and it appears like their in Las Vegas. Anyhoo, the teaser is just a video for their intro track, check it out below: Continue reading “The BIG BANG hype!”

Namie Amuro & After School “Makes It Happen”

We recently posted about Japanese hip-pop artist Namie Amuro‘s upcoming collaboration album “Checkmate“, and the variety of artists she has worked with. Well, another music video has been released and its for her song “Make it Happen“, which she collaborated on with Kpop girl group After School. The song sounds really good and I like how harmonized After School is. The music video has sex appeal and cute choreography, which showcases After School’s talents alongside Amuro’s. Watch the music video below and tell us what you think: Continue reading “Namie Amuro & After School “Makes It Happen””

KAHI impresses yet again

Wrapping up her weekend of debut stages, Kahi delivered yet another fierce and absolutely perfect performance on a popular music show called Inkigayo. Doing a double set, Kahi performed the mid-tempo r&b track “One Love“, followed by the hot new hit song “Come Back You Bad Person“. Both were quite impressive in their own way. I love how she’s looking vulnerable in her performance for “One Love“, and then transitioned into fierceness for “Come Back“. She’s an amazing dancer and singer. Check out the performances below, and I stress again if you have not purchased her EP please do so now! Continue reading “KAHI impresses yet again”

Kahi’s debut live performances: hot or not?


Korea’s dance queen KAHI released her solo debut mini album a few days ago, along with the music video for the lead track “Come Back You Bad Person“, and as a result kpop music lovers are in a frenzy over her hot tracks and fierce dancing. She made her debut live performances on top music programs and I was so proud while watching them. I really feel happy for this woman. She’s worked so hard, and “Come Back You Bad Person” is now stuck on repeat. I guess I just had to turn up the volume and inhale the song a bit more to realize it’s truly hot. Anyways, watch the live performances below and make your vote above: Continue reading “Kahi’s debut live performances: hot or not?”

Kahi releases “Come Back, You Bad Person” MV

The full music video is finally unleashed, and Kahi is looking hotter than ever. As I’ve stated before, I’m not feeling the song as a lead track from her first solo effort, however Kahi delivers in the music video for “Come Back You Bad Person“. Watch the video and leave your comments below, and of course support this talented artist by purchasing her mini album … Continue reading Kahi releases “Come Back, You Bad Person” MV

Kahi releases solo mini album

After School‘s fierce leader Park Kahi has finally released her long awaited solo mini album. “Kahi – The First Mini Album” consists of 4 tracks including the lead single “Come Back You Bad Person“, a dance/techno track featuring Kahi’s exhilarating vocals. This song is not bad, but the effects throughout makes me wonder about the stress she went through recording it, as well as the stress she’ll go through when performing the song live. My personal favorites are track number two, “One Love“, a smooth r&b song with an electrifying solo guitar break, and track number four “Roller Coaster“, a dance/pop song that would’ve made a better lead track for promotion. Track number three is a ballad titled “Gift” which features somewhat of vulnerability in Kahi’s voice. She did well, and I wish to congratulate her both for the release of the mini album, and for her patience of waiting and working so hard for all these years to finally make her dream a reality. Purchase the mini album at YesAsia now and support Kahi. She truly deserves it! Listen to the tracks below: Continue reading “Kahi releases solo mini album”

Spotlight – Kahi

Meet Kahi Park, a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and leader of Kpop group After School. Kahi is most notable for her fierce dancing and charismatic personality on music shows or performing among the other members of After School.

Kahi was born Ji-Young Park. She developed a passion for dancing as a teenager, and was influenced by hip hop and r&b music. She didn’t receive professional training due to strong objections by her family, but kept on dancing and improving her skills on her own. Kahi moved to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, despite her family’s disagreement to pursue an entertainment career. She landed a job as a back-up dancer while she was 18. Continue reading “Spotlight – Kahi”

The truth behind the hits: Underpaid Artists?

I’m very open-minded when it comes to my musical interests, actually I listen to a diverse range of genres. It is such diversity that led me to the discovery of the explosive phenomena called Kpop (Korean Pop Music); if you have no idea what this is, then please Google. Just the mention of artists like 2NE1, Taeyang, BoA, or Super Junior will have me dancing and Continue reading “The truth behind the hits: Underpaid Artists?”

“It Can’t Be Real” for J Lim, but it is for us!

It’s been a little while since it’s release, but South Korean r&b singer Lim Jeong Hee has a beautiful song out called “It Can’t Be Real“. The song is from her first mini album which was released on October 5, 2010. It’s such a beautiful song, and J Lim (as she is otherwise known) is an amazing singer, with all that passion and more. Just watch her live performance of “It Can’t Be Real” below; you are guaranteed to get chills:

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“Well Done” Navi

“A beautiful girl with smooth vocals” is what came to my mind as I watched Navi‘s live performance of her new release “Well Done/It’s All Good“. The song is included on Navi’s first album “Hello“, which will be released on January 24. You can listen to each track here, and pre-order your copy on yesasia. Navi was  dubbed the “Korean Alicia Keys” when she debuted, because of her powerful and soulful voice that resonates in the mind of her listeners.

Watch the live performance and official MV below to “feel” for yourselves:

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Brown Eyed Girls show you the “Sign”

Jea (ジェア)Gain(ガイン)Narsha(ナルシャ)Miryo(ミリョ)

Kpop/Jpop group Brown Eyed Girls has released the music video for the Japanese version of their hit song “Sign“. Loved how the lyrics flowed well even in a different language, and I’m glad they kept the signature “fan dance“, but wished they had changed up the rest of the choreography cos’ the music video is somewhat boring. I liked their outfits though.

Watch the music video below and share your opinions about the Jpop version:

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