[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?”


It’s been four years since Jennifer Lopez released an album, and we should all know by know the stress she endured to finally be able to get back in the music game. After her relationship with Sony Music Entertainment ended, the fate of “LOVE?” was left uncertain. Well, J.LO has officially dropped her 7th studio album and it’s truly a soundtrack for the summer. You’re guaranteed to hear club bangers, hip hop, and mid-tempo r&b tracks. I listened to the entire album over and over without finding spot fillers. “LOVE?” is an excellent comeback effort from the superstar and with producers like RedOne, Tricky Stewart, StarGate, Lady GaGa, and The-Dream, she can do no wrong. Here’s a full review of the album from my perspective: Continue reading “[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?””

Who is Alexis Jordan?

So just who is this acclaimed Roc Nation‘s “Good Girl“? Well, let me introduce you to South Carolina nativeΒ Alexis Jordan. Think charisma, power vocals, cool dance moves, and you’ll pretty much sum up the talent of this exotic looking diva on the rise. You may remember Jordan from the first season of America’s Got Talent in 2006, and as the YouTube sensation who received millions of views for her renditions of hot songs. That’s right! the “Happiness” singer is ready to take the world by storm. And with the release of her self-titled debut album, Alexis is already making waves internationally and beyond. Continue reading “Who is Alexis Jordan?”