Hands off b**ch!

Not certain if we’ve posted about homewreckers in the past but still, I feel it’s an issue that should be addressed on the regular. Ladies, do you have female friends or have noticed some female in general that are just straight up catty and always be flirting with your man, even though they are well aware he’s taken? Well, my advice to you is to tell that girl to step and make sure she gets the message loud and clear. Some women just have no class. How dare you lust for another woman’s man and attempt at bringing your nasty ass self next to him? That’s just rude. Get your own or tune into an episode of “Living Single,” you might learn a lesson or two. 

Let me pose this question at you ladies, Continue reading “Hands off b**ch!”

[Review] Kara’s “Step”

Kara is one of those kpop girl groups that maintain a strong fanbase no matter what foolishness they release. Their musical style varies from dance & electro pop, to retro and club. Those are quite entertaining genres, however, since the group’s debut, I’ve never been caught up in their sweet and posh aura. Has there ever been an exception? I’d have to say “Wanna” and … Continue reading [Review] Kara’s “Step”