Album Review: ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ by Celine Dion

Celine’s back! There’s something really great about hearing that because you’re expecting beautiful, timeless music. Six long years have passed since Dion graced our ears with the pop rock and chart topping, Taking Chances, now the songstress is ready to reveal how she’s evolved in her artistry. With what many, including the notable producers and songwriters who’ve contributed to Celine’s 11th studio album, Loved Me … Continue reading Album Review: ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ by Celine Dion

[Exclusive] ESNAVI on her music & giving the “unexpected”

Interview by Kai

Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, and Intriguing, that is the complete embodiment of ESNAVI. All you need is one listen to become mesmerized by this talented singer and songwriter hailing from Wisconsin. Her name might sound fairly new but this rising diva has been making waves since a young age. She certainly has a lot to offer, including an “unexpected love” between the artist and anyone lucky enough to capture one of her many powerful performances. It’s no wonder she named one of her songs “Electric Fantasy” because indeed her vocal abilities are somewhat surreal and unbelievable.  

ESNAVI has been rocking stages and demonstrating the versatility she possesses. I find it rather puzzling why she’s not receiving the much deserving recognition she ought to get because this woman redefines the meaning of ‘natural talent’. I highly doubt that you’ll deny this fact but if you so happen to, then add “Exit E” to your playlist. Trust me when I say you’ll be blown away. Now, while I interrupt my doting session on this truly genuine and down-to-earth artist, listen to her single below, purchase the album on iTunes, and continue on to check out our exclusive interview to discover this soulful force: Continue reading “[Exclusive] ESNAVI on her music & giving the “unexpected””

Beyonce “Runs” the Billboard Music Awards


Beyonce was presented with the Millennium Artist award at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday May 22nd, and the artist displayed a killer performance of her latest “Run The World (Girls)“. The global entertainer said that being presented with such an award by music greats she admires and by her family was “the best moment of her life”, and i’m sure I speak for all her loyal fans when I say that we’re truly proud of her and can attest to the fact that this woman is absolutely hardworking. She deserves that honor and i’m sure there’s much more to come. Relive the performance by watching the video below:

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Charlie Browne’s ‘Putting It On Everything’

Charlie Browne is a London born Soul, Urban Pop singer, songwriter and producer. He keeps his music commercial and current, but always with a real soulful edge to everything he creates. Charlie has written alongside many musical talents in the industry, and it’s his unique approach that sets him apart from the rest.

With a mixtape out, and a debut album on the way, Charlie Browne is a name that will definitely secure its place in the music industry. You can put that on everything!

Check out our exclusive interview with Charlie below, and be sure to support his music.

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