Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her ‘Dark Side’

My oh my has she toned down. Kelly’s looking different, if not fresh faced in her latest music video for the new single ‘Dark Side.’ The song channels the painful things some people tend to hide, or maybe not hide but that those on the outside tend to not pick up on it. The words are thought-provoking, but to me, the song and video sounds … Continue reading Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her ‘Dark Side’

[Review] Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

The First Lady of American Idol has returned with her fifth studio album “Stronger,” inspired by the popular quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Apparently, “Stronger” has a defined concept unlike Kelly’s previous releases. It’s about strength and empowerment, and each track was recorded on that basis. I think it’s great to have a story being told when it comes to recording an album and even though she stated there wasn’t, I felt that “Breakaway” had a distinctive concept as well: love, heartbreak, and growth. It’s also a pleasure to have the singer back on the scene but sometimes her new music isn’t as pleasant. I’m referring to her last album, “All I Ever Wanted.” Let’s just say I only enjoyed five of the fourteen tracks, simply because the rest sounded like a drag. I’ve been following this starlet since her debut and I think that only a real fan can comfortably say that her music hasn’t always been impressive. Hopefully, “Stronger” can pick up where “Breakaway” left off. Continue reading “[Review] Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger””